Stress and Pressure:What they do to You

rsz_1four_walls_closing_in__by_therazberry-d5qbnw5The earth today, revolves around its axis at the same speed, however the creatures living on it, work on double shifts, and try to keep up with the pace that is set by the rest of the beings. Through evolution we have become into an optimal species, with an added advantage of rational thinking, we possess. Evolution changed more than the appearance of the human form, it also evolved the way of life for us; there were inventions, innovations, revolutions and now everything has become a race, a race to get a breakthrough in a particular field faster, a race to drive your business to the top, and a race that has put all the people under tremendous stress and worry for their future.


What we aim to do in the small time frame of our life, is somewhat uniform for all of the human beings; it starts with the primary education, working up to higher studies, and then finally be employed or start your own business in order to earn a livelihood. In the early years when mass production was realised and products were being made with uniform qualities, then factories were opened and human labour was used; in the 1760s or so, the industrial revolution created a problem for the staff in these factories, because their jobs could be replaced with cost efficient and quality focused machines; this was the starting signs of how pressure worked its way to today, with unemployment and no remuneration, the people would do double-shift jobs and extensive manual labour to feed the stomachs. Pressure is like imaginary walls closing in on the person who is stuck in the middle, the walls symbolise the time closing in, and the situation is what you are stuck in, and need to deal with by making a decision.


When you compare the principles and functions of any tangible object, you will find that they have many similarities. The pressure that pushes people to the edge, in work and other things, there are a few aspects to pressure which are significant for the functioning of the economic and atmospheric ecosystem. An over applied pressure might burst right in your face, while a lack of pressure, causes stagnation of things; pressure is more than just an added stress to you, in fact the need for optimal pressure acts as a push, or a motivation to work towards a goal. Ironically the stress of employment and other issues began with the ingenious use of pressure in machines; by introducing steam engines and machines operated by the pressure that the hot steam would be released into them making the mechanical replacements to move.


A band comprised of four of the greatest musical geniuses, who formed the quartet in London, in 1970. Freddie Mercury, John Deacon, Brian May and Roger Taylor as a musical group called themselves ‘Queen’. Each member have contributed compositions of musical masterpieces, with their base genre being ‘Progressive Rock’, they stretched that into a medium of music that is normally for entertaining the elite i.e. opera. A record originally recorded and written in 1981, by Queen and David Bowie, ‘Under Pressure’ spoke of the people who have been a victim of tremendous pressures of keeping pace and surviving in the world. This record was way ahead of its time, like most of their musical creations were; but today we are stuck in the same dilemma of decisions, in situations where we are stuck in between of two walls closing in, while we try to find our way out by keeping composure and dealing with the multitude of obstacles one at a time.


My personal encounters with these stresses varied in the different ages of my life; in my childhood days, all that I can recall are my stress to finish my homework; in adolescence there was a pressure to be presentable for the opposite sex in the classroom; and as the examination levels of my academic years toughened, so did the intensity and nature of the pressures I faced then. A lot can be lost if you get very good at handling the stress; you start taking on more work, challenging yourself, and soon get addicted to working because of the long duration of your time used, in focusing on the work, this stage you become a ‘workaholic’; another aspect of the pressures of life changing the course of your life negatively, include them depriving you of the simplicities, which you fail to notice or observe, such as nature and its mesmerising beauty etc.


William Henry Davies, expressed himself and the atmosphere that the constant rush brought about by sharing, one of the most relatable poems to an individual’s thought i.e. ‘Leisure’. “What is life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.” The first two lines, depict where we assign our time, what we consider important; we fail to observe an alternate way of life, with a predetermined premise saying, “we have no time to stand and stare.” People say, “focus on your career”, “you can do all that after you retire”, implying and telling the youth that the primary goal should be of acquiring a good monetary fund, as opposed to taking a break or appreciating what is available to you already.

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