Rome Was Not Built In a Day

Rome was not built in a day, is an idiom which means that all good things take time to reach to the level of being remarkable. Rome as it stands now as the most awe striking city was not, same years back. It was a marshy city with nothing to get struck on, but sincere effort of two brothers who initially laid the foundation of this city made it the way it is today after years of great works it now sets an example of result of persistent hard work and rigorous effort to get something. This idiom is often forgotten by people while on their way to success, initially everybody has a fire burning within to do something to reach their goals, but slowly as time passes the fire starts flickering with storms of turmoil, emotion breakdown, being isolated etc, but to reach the ultimate goal you desire, you should fuel well your inner fire, never let yourself give excuses for not being able to do a  certain work, some pressure on your heads is always good and it keeps motivated.



It is said that the person who thinks he can , will surely do the thing he desires  ;  beginning is always the hardest, do you think if the two brothers ; will, to built Rome would have shattered by seeing the hardships ahead, would we ever have such a remarkable place on our planet  ? “Beginning is half done,” but only when you continue with your zeal to achieve something, if you only think and built castles in your imaginations you will never get anything, Yes imagination is important but taking a step towards your desire is as important. It is always seen that people usually start with an unwavering zeal to do the best in what they have to achieve, but as days pass by the zeal is dusted, we tend to get weak and too easy on ourselves, but sympathising with ourselves on our way up we ourselves knock our way down, getting easy on ourselves make our spirits flicker and we get  down on our positive graph. There are millions of reasons [more appropriately excuses] which people tell themselves sometimes in a way of competition , others not trusting you, or just that you now don’t like it , you don’t get all this , it`s no profit etc; when people get too easy on themselves they drain their  uplifted spirits get  knocked down , and instead of working harder to make up excuses, while all this  we tend to forget  that while taking our very first step to our desired motive; this goal was all that we ever wanted, and now due to some unworthy excuses we sideline our; then burning desire.

We all are highly impressed with a person with a million dollar Bank Balance, a  Porsche to ride on and new clothes to wear each day, we are too anxious to get all this but do we ever think that what it takes to get there? What exactly has that person done to be there? Are we ready to sacrifice our luxuries  today to get them in quadrupled amount  tomorrow , are we ready to put ourselves in the valley of hard work and sincere effort to reach where we desire , or is it that we like a rose today and a lily tomorrow? The first step to success is a goal to reach and immense perseverance to get there, we should be clear with our choices if it`s a rose now then it should  be a rose till you get it. Have an Eagles eye for your prey [your goal] don’t waver, don’t distract then for sure success is not too far.


Every beautiful thing takes a lot of hard work and courage to reach there, a clear sight focused on your aim, immense courage to fight against all odds to get what you want, there will be lots of obstruction from mediocre people, lots of ‘No`s’ and ‘Do Not`s’, but you should know what you want never let your fine subdue, never bother about knock outs or procrastination. All while your ups and downs you are your soul motivator. Nowadays people say that there is  lot of pressure on their heads , but they don’t really  know the art of learning to use that pressure in a win-win way, some kind of pressure is always necessary to give competition to yesterdays you, else you will start as a clerk and die so.

To  reach your dreams, first realise what you really want , set your targets, have focussed vision , let go everything which lets you down on your way up, never sympathise with yourself, take the first step , work hard persevere and your dreams will turn to actions.

All that shines is not gold. So don’t go for everything that lures you, be selective, it took years to built a city as mighty and majestic as Rome but indeed was successfully built due to dint of courage and hard work, so can your utopia be achieved, be determined and stay focused!


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