As they say, Healthy Mind lives in a Healthy Body

Being Healthy means without any ailment physically, psychologically and emotionally. Mind is a mysterious island of thoughts and the more you keep it isolated from negative thoughts, the healthier your thinking becomes. Having a healthy mind means mind which is free from bondage of superstitions, invalid social barriers and insecurities.

As Buddha said –“To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind, he can find the way to enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him”.


When there is proper balance in your life between mind, soul and body, we tend to live a very satisfied and goal oriented life. We should keep our mind healthy; this helps us to lead a thoughtful life which is positive as well as inspirational. When mind is the home of the wisdom, our thinking too reflects its essence. We all are surrounded by negativity of different kinds but when we keep our mind away from unhealthy environment, we are keeping our thoughts away from its affection.

There are many ways to attain healthy mind that is engraved with enlightened thinking and every person has his own approach but the destination is same. Our mind and thoughts have deep effect on the experiences we have in our life.


1. Be Committed to Change


Change starts from within and commitment starts when we are faithful to our mind and listen to it. The moment we decide to change the negative thoughts and try to incorporate new positive habits, we set a target for us to reach. That target can only be achieved when we are committed to our goal. Being committed and determined to our goal is in itself a very positive quality that shall help us make our mind and thinking healthier. It is very important to make a goal-oriented decision in order to bring change.

2. Be Conscious of Thoughts passing through your Mind


Before we try to change our thoughts and incorporate new positive thoughts, we must acknowledge our thoughts and analyze it so that we are able to understand ourselves and our mind. We need to be conscious about what thoughts pass through our mind without judging it. When we are aware, we can then know which thoughts come across our head in different situation of life.

3. Time for Leisure


Our mind needs a break from our usual and daily work to rejuvenate itself. This maintains balance in our life. Take out some time from your schedule to enjoy the beauty of life and make new resolutions to your thoughts. Practicing positive thinking will help shape your mind so that negative thinking can’t have a stay in your life.

Try to take out time for your hobbies too. When we are busy, we engage our mind and don’t give it much time to think anything negative. So don’t be idle, always keep your mind engaged in some positive activity. Enjoying life away from daily chores is a pleasure in itself.

4. Brush off Negative Thoughts


Thinking about negative events or things that exists in our life swallows our peace of mind and we are unable to maintain a proper balance in our life for long. Make it a point that you will find positivity even in the most negative situations. When you start believing in this thought, you will soon realize that life is very positive; it’s only our mind that gives us different perceptions.

5. Exercise and Eat Healthy


Eating healthy and exercising has a very important role in keep our mind healthy. What we eat greatly affects our thoughts and our behaviour. When we eat healthy, we do a favour to our body and mind. So we should avoid junk food as much as possible. Drink less coffee and eat more of green vegetables and fruits. Meditation is a great way of mental relaxation that brings a realm of calmness in our mind and helps us increase self-awareness as well as self- confidence. For physical fitness, eat right, morning walks and proper timed exercise will be very beneficial.

Mental exercise is also important like solving arithmetic problems without using calculator. You can also indulge your mind by learning or experiencing new things like any musical instrument, chess, etc.


Someone has wisely said that “Health is Wealth”. It is just so true and a person who is healthy is happy in his life since no obstacles can ever pull him down. Today, everyone is unhappy or depressed for some or the other reason so it is very important that we start taking care of how we are thinking, what kind of thoughts pass through our mind and determine the depth of our positive thinking. When we analyze such queries, we are sure to enlighten our mind with healthy thinking.

Buddha said – “Mind is everything. What you think, you become”. Life has its own challenges and privileges. Life becomes a ravishing garden when we plant the seeds of positivity and caress it with our mind that is home of enlightened thoughts.


Happiness and our thinking are inter-related. The more enlightened our thoughts are, the happier we feel. Happiness is a state of mind so keeping our mind filled with positive thoughts; we are nurturing happiness in our life.

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