Scars: Everyone has some

Life is not easy. Never has it come fully organized and sorted to any of us. Instead it has come in a box of jigsaw puzzle, and we have to fix our lives ourselves; without any guidelines to what is right and what is wrong. And often while getting this life right, we get a lot of things wrong otherwise. We get ourselves burnt and cut and hurt. We have these wounds all over us, and we bleed so much of pain and suffering. There is never just one single reason of our suffering. They are infinite. Right from the moment we really begin to think and feel; we start getting affected by things. And the worst part is that none of these things are in our control. We can never determine and control the things that could happen to us any moment. We have all had our first failure, first heartbreak, first moment of loneliness, first suicidal thought; we have all had our share of hurdles and drawbacks in our lives. And we all fall and drown in deep when the storm hits us, and when it’s gone, we are drenched in weakness, left with a body weary of pain and loss, of shame and heartache that seems to live on for as long as it can. The reasons for all this are different for every person, but the after-effects are the same for each of us. Failing an important exam or interview, experiencing some traumatizing event without being of any help, having a terrible heartbreak, losing a loved one, making a huge mistake and regretting of how badly it affected the life of others and yours as well, pushing someone in the well to get yourself out safe; there are countless such events that we all go through and are deeply affected by. We all suffocate from inside. There is a permanent devoid, and an open wound that’s too painful to recover from. At such times we give up on the things that once brought us joy and happiness, we lock up and distance ourselves from people we are close to; because we are depressed and too tired of listening to any motivational advises from our dear ones. No medicine is going to cure the wound that the heart is carrying and the mind is tired from screeching out of pain. And this is the time in everybody’s lives when we feel that we have been crushed into little pieces and can’t be fixed anymore.


A lot of time passes in whining and wailing and weeping. A lot of time passes in hating the world and the things and people that have caused us so much of unbearable pain. Each day passes in sadness and the light from our lives is lost amidst the crowd, standing among whom we still feel lonely. We become irritable and complaining all the time; even the smallest thing makes us lose our mind. We simply exist and forget to live. And slowly we begin to hate a part of us for wanting to live so miserably in the darkness; that is when we decide that it’s about time that we get back on the track. And suddenly one day, the sun rises and life doesn’t feel all that difficult anymore. We decide to begin anew and try to leave our past behind us. We seek for help and we try to face circumstances instead of running away from them. We begin to realize that it takes courage to come out of the dark and rise. Slowly we start trying to make our lives better. The wounds slowly begin to dry, and with time somehow they heal. We never really understand how the pain reduces, but it surely does. The day finally arrives when we realize that the burden we had been carrying for so long has finally become weightless. We feel free, we look into the mirror; the wounds have now turned into scars. The pain has gone, but the remains of the wounds stay. They turn into scars and stay with us for lifetime, may be so that they can remind us of how we emerged as glorious and stronger people leaving our dark phases behind.


So if you think you are the only one suffering through a really terrible phase; look around. You will definitely find people who are at some point going through the same as you are. Yes, we all have our own scars. And it is indeed commendable how all of us emerge out of the darkness and step towards a brighter tomorrow. These scars don’t stand for our weaknesses. They symbolize our bravery; of how we didn’t give up in life and tried every day to build a better tomorrow. These scars will remind us that we are all flawed people, that we have made wrong decisions and suffered miserably. But those scars will also remind us of how strong we are from inside. And I think that is what matters the most; being strong and walking with our heads held up high. So don’t you feel alone and ashamed of your scars, because we all have ours.

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