School to college transition: Make new friends but keep the old ones!

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In the transition of school to college, most of us lose the kind of interaction and bond we used to have with our school friends and best friends. Most of us go to separate colleges, different universities/cities or even countries to take up different courses and to make a career that suits them the most.

In school those friends who had been with us since kindergarten sometimes, or the ones whom we met in high school, were the ones whom we used to meet everyday, sit together, share our lunch boxes together, had a common group of friends and had lots of things to share. They were the ones who became inseparable parts of our day to day life and routine, but were the ones with whom the frequency of interaction got lesser and lesser after coming to college.

Entering college always means adjusting in new surroundings,meeting new people getting to know more and more about life and getting busy in your day to day life and routine . No matter how much we crib about going back to our school life and school friends and how much we miss them after coming to college, we tend to understand that as we come to new places and meet new people ,we need to adjust to new surroundings and give that importance to career and education.
We wonder at those times that are we losing the friends that we earlier had? Disappointments arise due to no frequent calls, less messages on ‘WhatsApp’ or ‘facebook’  makes us wonder if those friends have forgotten us, or simply if we don’t have time for them and we start feeling guilty.But gradually, we understand that life means moving ahead and giving importance to day today life and the people we meet. As we meet new people everyday, we realize how important it is to make space for the people we interact more with and with whom we can relate more. Problems arise and the there is a stab of disappointment or sometimes jealousy seeing our then best friends/friend’s pictures on social networking sites of them having fun with their new found friends in college. Mostly ,some friends put up a fight or some just try and understand the situation.
We realize that we cannot be at same places and with the same set of people all our lives, as life moves on and catches pace. 12 years of school life makes us spend that time with those people who we have seen growing up since childhood.But after that phase is over,the world is full of new people ,new exposures and new opportunities.
We learn and unlearn alot of things. We realize that those 12-14 crucial years of schooling were to not only give us primary education ,but also to make us learn and experience people , and build relationships and get new learnings out of them. These learnings not only stay with us through our college years,but last through a life time.
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Many times we must have lost good friends in fights or just got ignored or bullied in school. Those were the experiences which gave us lessons too,we learnt a lot through them, but it’s only after coming to college that we are able to use these learnings with new people . We come out of the bubble of same protective walls and people,same viewpoints and judgements of people we have dealt from so many years,and we explore our personality again.
It’s not necessary that school to college transition makes you lose those friends you had in school,It just means that you learn the importance of those friends. and it does not get undermined when you get close to new people.
I have found it really difficult in this school to college transition to make new friends who could become really close to me. I still wanted to cling to my old friends. But it was only them who made me realize that the new places that we go to, have  new set of people, and it’s only good to know them more and enjoy the moment. This would never mean I would lose them as my closest friends, it would just mean I will have some more close friends in my life.
Their importance in your heart cannot be replaced by someone else,but you can always make new room for new people in your big heart.
Our elders/ parents always say that people are not permanent in our life,It’s you who is going to be there in every situation that comes in your life,and hence you should be best friends with yourself first .
There is always a purpose of meeting new people. Sometimes it’s just for some experience or sometimes it’s to learn from those people.
The most important thing is when you meet new people,new things about your personality gets explored with every individual. This small round world has the number of people we cannot know in our small lifetime,then why not try to know as many as possible,and be in touch with the ones who matter and the ones who bring out the best in us,the ones who click with us in an instant?
No matter you talk to your closest friend once a week/month compared to talking everyday , learn that making that talk worth the while is all that matters. Even if we keep making new friends every day, it should never mean losing touch with your old ones,after all they contributed to the personality, fun memories that we had and we still cherish.

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