From School To College: The Transition


Do you remember that while growing up, we used to look up to those senior students who were  in college, looking free and happy, carrying minimal books and not wearing a uniform. How we used to wonder how amazing their life is,

‘Bunking’ college, going out whenever and wherever they wanted! And here we were in school, stuck with back to back lectures with one small break called recess and that uniform we used to hate the most which we had to wear everyday. Not losing any opportunity to flaunt the most fashionable clothes we own on our birthday’s or school carnivals in school. Folding the cuffs of our shirts , taking the shirt out of the pant , to seem super cool. Tiny socks and short skirts used to be the only resort to make you feel different from the studious and also to make you seem you are too cool to follow the rules.
Being in school students always used to think how they are stuck in a cage and used to imagine, what all they will do as soon as they will get into college. Asking our cousins and friends who were about how college life is, if they miss school, and what and how do they study. The answers used to be mixed depending on the college and experiences, but the answer which was heard the most was- “school was much better. Want to wear the uniform again”.
Yes the grass has always been greener on the other side. But think about the transition we had from school to college?
Living in a bubble created by same set of friends and same protective walls of the school premises,with restrictions and rules to follow. The teachers who were also moral guides, the sweeper we knew since we were small. The area where we used to go to bunk our classes. The washroom we used to hide our books to cheat,everything was the same since kindergarten till senior education. School was one safe environment where we knew everything,every teacher and their temperaments. The students, whom to talk and whom to ignore. Where everything was familiar .
But as we pass exams and come to college. We realize what a big change it is.
First of all, by the tedious admission process and competition to get into the best college on the basis of your score, We get to realize the population of a city’s youth and also how high our counterparts have scored which comes as a huge blow to the ego. Secondly our whole idea of being the best and different in our own way in school, vanishes in the air. We get to know how way better and brilliant children are and where we stand . It comes like a big blow to the self confidence sometimes and we finally start getting out of the bubble we had created for ourselves. We realize there are many people like us,with same abilities who are working hard everyday,and are competitive enough to achieve what they want in life.
When we finally get admission, with preconceived notions and ideas, vivid imagination of what college life would be like we enter it finally. Our dreams dance in front of us ,all the movies and all the TV soaps we had ever seen and the picture of how fun college life will be comes to us and our expectations are sky high.
Fortunately for some, their expectations are truly met.  But some people get to realize how college is completely different from what they imagined.
Here you have to take care of your attendance more than your score,unlike school. Here carrying lunch boxes is not considered as stupid as it was viewed back in school, but as a money saver.
Pocket money seems meagre and looking for internships which pay becomes the ultimate goal throughout to supplement the pocket money. Managing to get food from the canteen seems like a big achievement. Buying books on time is never the right thing to do. Borrowing and renting books isn’t looked down upon. Brands aren’t completely important,what’s important is new and trendy clothes every day for some and every 10 days for some! Street/flee markets become the hub of all of trends. Bunking classes and college becomes a thing too common and near by ’chaat‘ vendor becomes the ‘bhaiyya jii’ catering to our hunger pangs when we feel sick of the canteen food.
Standing in Que for a whole day to get examination fee or any documents submitted becomes a huge pain. Public transport becomes a second home and out of everything, sitting at home on a holiday and doing just nothing becomes your favourite thing to do.
After being in college for sometime,when we look back at school,it seems an entirely different world with a very protected environment. College gets you out of the comfort zone we develop for ourselves while in school.
College makes you independent. College makes you realize that you are a part of a large population of the whole world. But hey? Even after comparing the two, we know school days will always be the best days of our lives.

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