Self Confidence – Your Greatest Asset

Self confidence is the belief in yourself and your abilities. It is the gold in the mine and the individual is the miner. Do you have a desire to succeed? Does it keep you up at night, does it wake you up in the morning. If you have a goal to achieve, then you must have self confidence to make your path easier.  It is the self confidence that gives you the power to achieve anything you go after.

 “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
Nobody can beat, Mohammad Ali!”

Ali said, “It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” So don’t wait for someone to affirm you, affirm yourself! Ali did this all the time, Ali said,”If you even dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologize.” He said, “I am the greatest of all time.” In achieving his goal to become the number one boxer in the world, he was largely self taught. It is the self taught methods in conjunction with independent thoughts in views which produced originality.

Even efforts required by a writer who wants to clothe own old truth in new attire is an immense one. Writers who have left prints on sands of time, worked hard. It is the mind behind the brain which is important. The writer develops great mind power which brings the subconscious forces into action. He looks inside himself and finds creative energy on a vast dimension. Hence, anyone who observes carefully and resolves steadfastly grows into a writer of his own kind! Be it not the realization of his capabilities, a writer can ever grow. The ability to do creative thinking is not only the gift of a few persons. We all have the capacity to do creative thinking to some extent. This has been amply demonstrated in experiment on poetic, artistic and scientific thinking. You too, carry the seeds of writer which are capable of producing great thoughts or actions. You possess powers to see visions, and at the same time have the ability to give them expression. It is just the matter of realization.


The cultivation of self confidence is the benefit of positive use of imagination. Self esteem (being confident) is a mindset- it is about the way you think. It is very important to know how to be self confident, if you want to build your own key to success and be confident in life. Having high self confidence means having positive thoughts and building feelings of confidence, worthiness and having high regards for yourself!

Let’s take an example. A smoker wants to give up smoking but he does not succeed. What’s the reason? Simple! He lacks the confidence to quit smoking . His imagination is dwelling on the secret pleasures, real or imaginary, he derives from his habit. When you don’t feel confident in your abilities, you experience fear and block good from flowing to you. Lack of confidence is closely connected to your basic nature. People love to focus on your limitations. It is okay to be aware of your limitations and work on them to bring in positive change, but it is not good to focus on your limitations and to make them your truth. As you become more confident about yourself, you attract good situations to you. One has to develop a confidence to sustain in all eventualities and not in virtualities.

The religious text Mahabharata also reflected the lack of confidence shown by Arjun.  He had all the capabilities of a great warrior. Nobody on the earth was able to take him in the field of war.  The only thing he lacked was his confidence. Here comes the Lord Krishna who enthuses him with the confidence. He told him to take on his rivals and do not lose nerves.  He taught him the lessons of Karma. To do the karma with full belief in himself.  Arjun got the message. He used his full will power and confidence to beat the Kauravas. It was the confidence combined with his capabilities which brought the downfall of Kauravas. Arjun became victorious and his confidence got to a new high.


Self confidence is nothing but the positive attitude towards one’s capabilities. This positive attitude should always be maintained in one’s life. If you create positive thoughts about yourself, you will feel good and your self esteem will be strengthened and if you think negative, the result will be negative. Laugh and the world will laugh with you. Believe in your capabilities, believe in yourself and the world will believe in you. Be confident and go ahead, the world is yours. Going through all what have been stated above, it can definitely be concluded that the Self- Confidence is the Greatest Asset.

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