The Serenity of Silence

Serenity of Silence

Serenity of Silence


“It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt of it” – Maurice Switzer

Turn off all your electronic appliances, your social messaging devices and anything that would distract you from being still and listening to your environment; you can hear the fan, pushing down forces of air from the ceiling; birds calling out each other with screechy howls, while the wind brushing your hair with the finest of all windy combs. The increase in the distractions today, have dulled our senses to the magic that surrounds us. The thing that we are surrounded by now, is the commotion of people rushing to work, and rushing back, ignoring the environment that offers a lot more than we accept from it.

We are a slave to the technology today, and the temptation of socialising through it; absorbing the energy around us seems to have become secondary, while sharing a picture and a witty status of ourselves to the whole social networking community is become priority. It seems as though people have increasingly lost the contentment that once resided within us all. An outlet which allows you to receive opinions on subjects such as, looks, careers and thoughts have puts us in moments of doubts. The dependence on such devices drains the surety of our decisions, and increases the noise within us which later is transcended outside, in turn distorting the simplicity and silence which resided before.

Along with the noise created by the troubles in the outside world such as; traffic, and road rage, abuses and obscenities all around; our lives also have a similar commotion that disturbs our minds for example, assignments in studies, extra work to be completed due to increased targets and family obligations. Our mind is like an infinite space, which can hold endless knowledge, and imagination of infinite lands within it. It is a place where we store every ounce of knowledge; every adventure that we have been in, and every positive and negative energy that we have felt, it stores the emotions, the traumas and the joys and happiness we experience; however its care is as important as its use, give it the time and peace to take in your life, stop and rest, meditate and learn from it, or it may create havoc if it breaks.

Ancient practices show the importance of rest and spirituality; they are synonyms if you ask me, the practice of meditation, breathing in the atmosphere and being one with nature is something which some people find far-fetched, and probably it may seem so to them. But today a retreat to such practices periodically is a necessity, the world has grown into something very robotic, people have lost the touch with their feelings of heart and nature. Nature has healing abilities, the most simplest of these will aid you if you just listen to them; it is difficult to stay silent, mostly it is because of our pride that we refuse to listen; silence is a sign of humility and respect to nature, it is a quality that is slowly vanishing. Hurt is a feeling that changes peoples outlook towards others, but pride is a feeling that changes the outlook of oneself.


For those who believe in the saying ‘actions speak louder than words’, will see silence as the end, as a sign of weakness and vulnerability; but in fact these assumptions arrive from the pride that grows, along with our conservative thought and we refuse to listen to others opinions. The theory of actions being louder is true, however a higher volume of opinions does not really make them justified, they just make those opinions stand out. A stubbornness of such sorts is one we all relate to, sometimes it is not the question of right or wrong, but it is the question of being content with your opinion while accepting the opinion of the other. These actions are a sign of being humble and patient, silence is a test of our humility and contentment to situations; it is generally synonymous with faith as that helps us understand and keep our pride in check.

There is also the case in which people might quote Napoleon in the light of the corruption and evils that surround us saying, “The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people”; the silence in this context is not referred to loud protests or you yourself going down to the streets and protesting through violence; it says that you need to speak out against it, through a united confrontation through peaceful means. Mahatma Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind”; therefore everyone in the world will have contradictory thoughts, however it is the introspective silence that will create an understanding and realization that everyone in the world wants the same thing in the end i.e. peace.

Sound is the instrument through which you can either create noise or music; similar to the power of the pen, you can either create havoc or enlightenment. There is a theory of understanding violence, you can either put your focus on the idiot with a drum, or try to cure the other poisons which prevail around us.


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