Shake and Bake from Negative people!

Life is a journey of struggle. At each point you have to make a choice between the right and wrong, good or bad, positive and negative. Sometimes it becomes harder for us to make the choice between positive and negative, good and bad, right and wrong. We have to make choice in every field of our life whether it is related to education, friends, relationship, eating, thoughts or people. If we choose positive or good or right thing it makes your life full of happiness and can become your inspiration to lead your life ahead to achieve success more and more which in turn brings more happiness in your life. Negative things have an adverse impact in your life. It will make your life dull full with sorrow. It will distract you from your track towards your success. It will only d-motivate you. It’s us who are responsible for each and everything in our life. It’s us who can shape our life. We are the only one who chooses things that should be included in our life. Then why we should choose negative things in our life. Instead we should always choose positive things in our life.


We all are surrounded by different types of people in our life. Some people are the cause of our motivation and some are the cause of d-motivation. Some are positive people who have positive impact on our life and some our negative people who have negative impact in our life. Some throw positive light on us and encourage us and some are just opposite to them. The thing which makes our life fulfilling – is the people we are surrounded with and the kind of relationship we build or we have with them. It can be any type of relationship from a simple chit chat to business meeting or talking with friends or family, which brings happiness for a moment or for a lifetime. Whether it is the time of sadness or happiness, we need someone with whom we can share our feelings, emotions etc. In our difficulty time or sad time we want to share our feelings with the person who really understands us and our situation and motivate us, builds our confident to fight with that situation. And also can give helpful advice if asked for. That person is said to be positive that always have positive attitude and brings positivity in your life. Even in our happiest time we need people to share our happiness and to show our happiness.


We are surrounded with positive people who literally drain our energy, cause of our sorrow. They are the type of people who always complaints about something or the other in your life. Those type of people play a role of virus to your happiness and can easily destroy you and your happiness if let them to do so. They will always try to change you and always question you who you are you are not capable of doing this or that. They will never show your positive side and always show you the negative side. They are so busy in seeing the negative side of things that they leave no room for positivity to grow. They will drag your morale down. Whereas positive people will motivate you towards your success and move forward and forward without any fear. They will act as a dose which will give you energy to fight with the situation. They will encourage you to become the best version of yourself and will bring best out of you. They will not try to change who you are. They will love you as you are. They will stimulate you to follow your own dreams and make your dream your reality. They will always stand next to you in every situation of your life whether it is your sunny day or it is your rainy day. They will be the ones who will hold umbrella for you to protect you in each every situation.


Michael Sama says-“It is not just finding right person to be around but it is just about being right person to be around.” Stay away from the negative people. Be surrounded with people who have a positive impact on you and your life. Spend time with nice and positive people who are smart, impel, concurring and compatible. Be in a relationship which helps you. Don’t be in a relationship which hurts you. Be surrounded with people who motivates you and with people like whom you like to become. Be with people who reflect you what you actually are, who tells you about your positivity not pin point your negativity instead he or she tells you how to get rid from negativity. Choose people whom you are proud of to be there in your life and you admire them. Choose people whom you love and respect and those people in turn love you and respect you. Choose people who bring more and more light each day in your life. Positive people brighten and lighten you each day by simply being in it. Once you replace negative people with positive people and free yourself from negative people, you will start having positive results in your life. It is rightly said be W. Clement Stone—“There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.” Life is too short, we should not spend time with negative people who sucks happiness from our life instead we should spend time with people who brings positivity in our life. Delete the negative people from your life. Donna Karan says—“Delete the negative, accentuate the positive.”


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