She’s The Girl


A girl is a charming creation of a god, but she is little different from what everyone perceives. I actually wanted to highlight every single part of a girl’s life which people actually don’t know and speak anything about a girl very easily.  Every day she wakes up in a hope that this day will be better than the previous one. She puts in best efforts to make her life finer in every way. Every new day is not less than a war for her. Her heart is mixed with emotions. She is happy, angry and alone at the same time. Yes, this is how almost every girl conducts her life. All ladies out there face the most rugged time of their life but they won’t complaint. And the best part is you cannot even recognize that what exactly is going on in their mind.

Let’s start with her relationships. Behind every so called ‘witch’ there was a girl who once loved from the bottom of her heart. A girl will never hurt any anyone intentionally. If she says she loves you, she actually means it. A girl doesn’t say anything unless and until she really means it. She is quite bad at expressing because she doesn’t want to show her fear of losing you. But when at the end when she will get hurt, no complaints will be forwarded. Because a girl will not blame the second person ever, instead she will blame herself for the attachment she created. And finally because of you she will cry till death but will never share anything again. Therefore no other option is left except being a heartless witch. Now you can actually conclude why she is like that now!

She will shop till the last moment just because she wants you to compliment her. Her party attire will definitely include high heels because she wants your attention. She will go to beauty salon every weekend because every girl wants you to praise her beauty. In spite of those painful waxing and threading those sessions will be attended regularly.  You cannot even imagine about the pain of those bad stomach cramps during her periods. Never take her for granted because she actually handles a lot more things than a male can. In fact scientists say a woman performs the given task more systematically and better then a man can.

Today, if women are lacking somewhere then they are not the one who should be blamed. It’s the society!

If a girl will step out and hang around then she is not considered a ‘good girl’ but if a guy does the same? he is ‘stud’! Just because our society has given such privileges to just boys! She cannot consume alcohol because that is not a signature of a so called ‘good girl’. She and He will step out of their home; their people won’t keep a time limit for the boy. But the girl has to return on time. A lady will face everything, but won’t utter a word. This is how she is.

You know what her problem is? She is smart, actually very smart. This god made creature called girl will over think, because a single thought moves in her mind for a million times. She’s sad because she is done with everything. She is full of tears but won’t show. Things won’t be shared anymore because she will assume on her own that ‘she is irritating.’

Alas! Everything will become more complicated.

Society never heppy do anything

A girl is very delicate at heart. She wants to do every wild thing possible. But it is not ‘allowed’. She wants to fly but can’t! Why? Who is responsible for such non sense perceptions? I believe our lives would not have been that complicated if these false dramas very not there. A girl is your mother, sister and your god as well. This society scorn is not just for females. Let them live the way they wants.

Personally being a girl I live my life to the fullest I hang around with everyone do whatever I want. I come late at home because I know I won’t get this time back again. Whenever the thought of this ‘society thing’ strikes I automatically ignore it because this society is full of never ending problems. I enjoy my life to the core because I know the more ill think, the more ill spoil everything. People will keep on saying because this is for what they are meant for.

So all the girls out there!

Step out, go wild, live your life. Don’t just sit at home because of these fools. Instead step out like a queen and show them their actual status. The day you will realize this will be the day you will actually start enjoying your life. Live everyday as if it will be the last day. No one will stand by you forever, at least not this society! Crying for all this? Nah! Put your head up princess. Your tiara is falling.

Remember girls have three sides. The first one is the quiet side the second one is the fun and crazy side of hers. The last one is the side which you will never want to see.


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