One life, many problems; can be related to carrier, family, relationships, business or any other region of our life cycle. We do strive to decipher the question marks that come our way in this voyage, we put in our best efforts but when sometimes we feel weary and defeated; we automatically look upwards. As if this habit is entrenched in us from the beginning. Whether we believe in God’s existence or not but we all say “Oh God“, at least at that time when we are devoid of hope. It comes out of mouth or probably through the heart automatically.


There was a time on the earth, when everything was perfect and pure. Nature was unpolluted, rivers were clean. The society didn’t have issues like we have many today. Population was less so requirements were less to fulfill and hence exploitation of nature was also less. This was the time when the earth was literally heaven. Free from all vices. It was just beautiful and the only religion was love and cooperation.

We went ahead in this time cycle and slowly our vices started to attack us. Lust, greed, jealousy, selfishness, anger started to reflect in our actions. We ate the forbidden apple in a way. As a result of our own wrong actions and deeds, we started to have low feelings and also their repercussions came in front of us.


This was the condition when we looked for God. Our search began. Our approach to him commenced in various ways as possible and here so called “Religion” came into existence outside.

This wheel of time kept on running and various path showers came to us being the herald of God at various points of time. They never claimed that they are God; they always said that they are also His sons just like we all are. They all delivered the same message in their own inimitable way. Peace, purity, love, happiness, selflessness, cooperation, unity etc.

They came, did their appointed task and then went away.


It was necessary for our scattering society to have such enlightened soul, who can show us the right path. Vices were spreading like epidemic. Society was facing various social problems. God was being misunderstood. No one had the clarity about Him. The messages given by these wise and elevated incarnations worked to bind the society. Their words impacted masses. Hence people of different layers felt connected with these enlightened personas.

They were those souls who were personifications of those particular values or qualities. Be it peace, love, mercy or goodwill for everyone.

Religion was on it’s another phase. People started to make temples and effigies of deities. It was fine that they started to perform rituals to remember their beloved God and deities but then suddenly this process of rituals and technique to remember the supreme began to be more mechanical than emotional. The people wanted the perfection in rituals but somewhere in order to perfect the rituals, they started to fail to interpret what those rituals were meant for? They were not made to be performed only outwardly, instead they were symbolic in nature. They had a meaning in them. But scenario had already chosen its path to go and it went that way.

“ In nature everything goes from an ordered state to a chaotic state. Everything which is new is bound to be old. Everything which is fresh will rot someday. Be it a flower, fruit or a human body, nothing is beyond this. “

As with the passage of time, rituals increased outside in numbers and took different inventive forms too according to convenience of people and their place of residences.

But problem was increasing instead of all things being performed outside because the problem was never ever outside. It was always inside us. The vices were developing within us and we were searching its solutions outside forgetting our own divine potential.


 “As oil in the seed, as fire in the stone

 God lies within us, we must find him on our own.”  


All the saints, divine souls came to earth to let us help to regain this godliness within us but we became more ritualistic than being our true self.

Internally, we were on a decline. We became weak spiritually and quality wise. That was the time when mistreatment with nature took a whole new turn and now exploiting it became guiltless and then obvious and natural.

Rivers were being polluted on the name of religion. Animals were being sacrificed to please Him. Different people took different measures to make the lord happy and get away from their sorrows.

This was the dark time. People came into fear due to ambiguity and foggy situations and circumstances. They started to follow blindly. Without even knowing the meanings, they did many things just in sheer fear and blind faith.

Humankind saw the whole life journeys of ages, varied with time and so did the images of religion. Now it has been something else. Fear from God and believing on anyone or anything just to make our work done has become the name of religion. It is no more subtle or about learning values and inculcating those within us. Now it is all outward.

We have created many heinous incidents on the name of religion. War, hatred, differentiation, all these things took birth from one misunderstanding of religion. We really need to stop and check, are we really religious?

Meaning of religion in hindi is “dharma” i.e.“ dhaaran karna” i.e. to imbibe. The original religion is to evoke the divinity within and to imbibe the values. Limitless things can be accomplished outside but if we don’t work on inside, all turns into futile.

Peace, love, harmony, mutual respect, these are the values that each and every religion teaches us. The ways may be different but they all reach to one destination and it is not just about wearing white clothes outside but it is about being white inside.

Imbibe values. Be valuable. Be religious !!

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