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Isn’t it exciting to browse through the clothes and accessories presented by the retailers in a wide variety of costs? Shopping cannot be termed as a mere activity. It is a phenomenon which is gripping the nations worldwide. Girls and boys alike are affected by this so called shopping bug. The present era of online shopping has revolutionised our cultures and habits. We no longer believe in getting in our cars and going to the brand showrooms for checking out the summer and fall collection. The times have changed and we now believe in having good smartphones and downloading the new shopping applications. Technology has made this culture into such an easy hand out that now everybody is into the term shopping. Rest said and done, shopping has brought people closer to their bank accounts and farther from their savings. We now earn to shop, we score good in the exams so that we will be given the money to shop. It sounds weird but it is true. Speaking from personal experiences, my brother, when small used to bargain for god marks in exams. If he had scored more than what we used to expect, he used to get a wardrobe makeover. The same case goes with me. I asked for a new phone and voila I got Samsung galaxy s4 last year when it had newly arrived in the market.  Having n number of clothes is a thing and having a 40,000 bucks phone is another. You just cannot beat that. Well, I could of course go on with the features of my phone but then it is no longer the most advanced phone in the market. Alas!


Online shopping sites like myntra, jabong, yepme and snapdeal offer thousands of products and at high discounted prices. That is why people prefer ordering online when it comes to branded shopping rather checking out the showrooms. Venturing out in the sun is a trouble for many, but sitting in your air conditioned room and sipping coffee while ordering that sling bag you saw the other day is a treat in itself.  Lately I have been addicted to online shopping. Almost all the party wear, flats, bags and watches, even gifts for my friends have been bought online. I am sure most of the people out there agree with me on this one. With the growing needs to show off and vanity, people are more concerned about how they look rather the amount of money they waste on expensive shopping. But let it be this way. If you are earning in lakhs, you can indulge on yourself any number of times you want. After all you are worth doing it. To go hard and non-stop with the exciting job to shop is a common thing these days. There used to be a time when girls were blamed for buying unnecessary clothes and jewellery. The time has changed for good. Guys are now in the run too. They are shopping till they drop. They are spending extravagantly on their utilities and luxuries. Once I read online about the meaning of this phrase and I could not control my laughter on what I read. A guy’s answer was, it means having to shop so much that after you see the bills, you fall on your knees and collapse. Honestly speaking, you can derive whatever meaning it has for you, but I would rather having to shop so much that you literally drop the bags due to their weight.


The best way to make your shopping fun is to invite your gang and go to the flea markets. Start with such places so that you can get the best at the cheapest rates. The fun in bargaining with the shopkeepers with your friends supporting you and arguing with the sales boy cannot be matched. Whenever I go home during vacations, apart from going out shopping with my family and ordering online, I check out the markets with my friends. It is kind of a routine to me. Try out the outfits and see if you are looking like a supermodel. Having to look as one catwalk after trying out new footwear is the most fun part. You get to check out the girl or guy for no good reasons and still manage to get away. Not that my friends or I do that but we would certainly wish to make the other people uncomfortable. After one is done with all the bags, the best part comes when you have reached home and before having the time to answer your parents about the money spent, you quickly enter the bathroom and check out all the clothes one by one. Watching oneself in the life size mirror after wearing new clothes gives immense pleasure to each one of us. There is no denying this fact.


No matter how much you earn and which category you fit into, one thing I have noticed that shopping is a great recreational event for all. It is great fun either you are checking the air conditioned brands showrooms or you are going out with your friends in the sun to local flea markets. Shopping just for the sake of shopping is turning a hot trend these days. You know you are turning into a shop addict if you have to hand over your shopping bags to someone else.

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