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All the pretty ladies who have moved an inch closer to the computer screen and all the ‘not so shopaholic’ guys who are about to click the back button, CHILL OUT! This isn’t some shopping blog about how to be a smart shopper or stuff like that but a “little discussion” over what’s so special in the “delight”/“menace” called shopping which makes all the girls go crazy and all the guys berserk. After all what’s so intimidating about going out to a market or a mall, purchasing a ton of things, you need and also which you don’t need but those were just too difficult to resist, and coming back home with a dozen shopping bags and a lighter wallet.

Who shops more?

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I think there is no shadow of doubt that men do not enjoy shopping the way women do. They plan to go to a store, purchase what they want and already have in mind, and flee the place as soon as possible. It is more like a mission for them where the desired product is the target and everything around it is blurry. Studies have shown that men get bored after just 26 minutes of shopping while women can go easily for a couple of hours without complaining. While eight out of ten men do not prefer going shopping with their partner, 45% avoid it completely. Maybe that’s why we see a lot of men sitting outside clothing and accessories stores in malls while their wives or girlfriends are busy strolling across the entire collections of handbags and perfumes trying every visible tester on the counter and every pair of heels ever made on this planet!

Men Buy, Women Shop!

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Well, yes! That’s the case. For a man what matters the most while going out and doing some purchasing is the availability of the product they require, the proximity of the parking from the store and the length of the checkout line. While women look for a more personal shopping experience. They like to be assisted while they are out trying out different products. Women like to use the help of a sales executive in trying out products other than what they initially planned to buy and also decide upon what item is going to suit them better.

What makes women shop more?

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Women are shopaholics and you cannot blame them. It’s just the way humans have evolved. Going back to the ancestral cultures where men were the hunters and were supposed to hunt animals and get the food, women had the role of checking through the bushes and getting the best fruits just like they do now trying to get the best of products with the best deals available. Moreover women are usually entrusted with the responsibility of purchasing things for a lot of people other than just them. Be it for the husbands who don’t care enough to buy their own clothes, the kids or other people in the family like the elderly and in-laws. Usually women are the one who shop for them all, grocery, household items, clothes, and what not. Moreover whenever there’s any occasion coming up or a gift is to be bought for somebody it’s always a lady tracking out the possible items, going out purchasing it, wrapping it up in the most presentable way and finally dropping it where it has to be given. All this makes ladies natural shoppers and what’s the harm if they tried out a couple of heels or ended up buying some jewellery after completing grocery shopping?!

It’s Healthy!

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Going on a guilt trip after watching all the piles of stuff you have brought home at the end of a shopping day is so not done. As not only shopping is necessary and delightful for a girl it is also healthy for the body and mind. We are already familiar with the benefit of a twenty minute walk every day and shopping easily provides you with that dose of twenty minute walk, in fact much more than just twenty minutes. And doing that while carrying the heavy shopping bags can be considered as a workout too. Shopping can also be a great way of social bonding. While going shopping with your friends or even better with your partner, it provides you and them a chance to have an insight about each other’s likes and dislikes. Shopping also helps in creating and maintaining a positive self-image. A person’s self-image has a lot to do with how confident they feel about themselves and when they go out hopping and find clothes or accessories that fit them perfectly or they find themselves looking absolutely stunning in them it definitely gives an unmatchable joy and contentment.

Shopping makes us happy

Science says that! Yes, now we have a scientific reason to back our notion of how shopping makes us happy and gives us a different high. Most of us after having a bad day, or while going through some emotional troubles take out our shopping bag and leave to raid the closest mall around. It’s not just a myth but shopping actually activates something called the reward center of our brain which makes it release a feel-good hormone called dopamine.

Now aren’t you feeling like going out and shop till your drop?

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