Shopping with my Boyfriend

Shopping is something every girl loves. Shopping can make you soo happy.Buying bags,shoes,clothes etc is so much fun . I love shopping from the day i was 9 years old. When my mom took me for shopping for the first time .I was tired walking first but then i got use to it.

Everyone in my college knew that i love shopping because i wore a dress just once and the next day i was with some other new dress. I shopped so much that the shopkeepers also knew me and my choice .I was a rich daddy’s spoilt princess. Shopping was my life. My mom always kept on shouting at me because of my shopping and me spending money on useless things.But my dad was always on my side and according to him he only earned to make me happy.The only way to make me happy was shopping. So my dad always allowed me to spend how much ever i wanted.


Looking beautiful is something everyone likes . Even i loved being beautiful with beautiful designer dresses. Ayaan had just started dating me .I loved him alot but not more than shopping. It was just 3 weeks me and Ayaan started dating ayaan had know idea about me shopping so much. One day he called me up saying “Baby its 3 weeks we have started dating lets go on shopping together”. He even asked me not to carry any money because he wanted me to shop from his income …

I had no idea how much did he earn but i knew he was from a good family . He had just started earning . I was very happy because i was going for shopping with my lover for the first time . He came to pick me up and we went to a near by mall. He is a true gentle man , the time i entered the car and got down he opened the cars door and closed it for me . That was really cute of him . We entered the mall and i started shopping .First i entered colorbar then forever21 . The bill till that time was 7k.

We then went to madame and AND .Ayaan was really shocked to see that all the shopkeepers knew me so well. I am crazy about bags so i went to Esbeda and got a bag of 10K. Ayaan just kept staring, he kept smiling looking at me .I was very happy Ayaan didnot utter a word . Then we went to many other stores like marks and spencers, splash,acessorize,metro,shopperstop,lifestyle etc.


Ayaan kept on paying the bill .Ayaan was very much shocked looking at my shopping stamina.While I was moving through all the stores I saw a beautiful ring “golden jewellers “. a wanted that ring Badly .Ayaan and noticed the liking for my ring he himself initiated and asked me “how is this ring I really like it your don’t you buy it”? I was so very happy I hugged Ayaan tightly for 2 minutes .He said I know what you like and what you donsmiling kept on smiling . He helped me alot to buy new stuff. Ayaan said that I can shop more if i want but then i realised i should stop now. I should let him also buy something. Ayaan and me entered “ONLY”.He asked me to stand outside the store. I kept on waiting but he was taking loads of time . He then came out with a bag i didnot ask him about what did he shop.

Ayaan and me decided to leave for home . I entered the car and asked him how much did i shop for ? And he answered my entire salary probably ! And started laughing . I was amazed i asked him again “How much did i shop for ?” And he replied around 1lakh. I was shocked , i appologised him he said he wants me to be happy and he doesnt cares for the salary.We both started laughing loudly .He had actually impressed me alot with his charm and care for me. We were about to reach home when he gave me the “only” bag he said check what is inside ? There was a beautiful frock inside he uttered wear this in our next date . I was blushing so much.I hugged him tightly again and got down the car.


The very first day i realised may be i shop a little too much and i should reduce it now . I am always going to remember this day because my boyfriend spent his entire salary on me for my shopping and proved that he loves me alot.Everyone should shop .Shopping is good we get to know more stuff about fashion, dressing sense etc. Shopping actually  swings  my mood And makes me happy whenever I am upset .Shopping Should be done with limitations. Because there are people in the world who don’t have  the basic needs food,shelter and clothing . So we shouldn’t waste money on useless stuff  But we should for sure buy the necessary things And should not be stingy . Shopping is very important knowing new stuff and getting new ideas of new bags , shoes and clothes etc.

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