Of Sibling Love And Rivalry, Innocence Retained

I am against China’s rule of allowing only one child. I know they needed to come up with acts to control their overgrowing population but a one child rule is not a solution I would personally approve of. The reason being simple, siblings are the best relationships in the world. I cannot say how many own brothers and sisters should one have but in my opinion, from my experience I can say having just one more person will neither put too much pressure on the population now would make one child lonely. Not all siblings gel along, many drift apart however, if your bond with your elder or younger brother or sister or a twin is strong then it can make the world a better place to live in.

Siblings are the best of friends one can have. They fight a lot often violently, and so much that they end up giving each other indelible scratch marks on the skin but would never let any other soul harm their brother or sister. They are like an over protective couple who would go to any extent to save each other. They scream at each other, might end up blurting out harsh words but the pain of it is shared equally. We have always got each others’ back. It is an unsaid but truly followed rule of sibling relationships. A single child, however, has bonds only with cousins and friends and there are no strings attached in such relationships.
Friends have a lot of hidden jealousy. No matter how thick a bond of friendship is, envy does creep in at times when one succeeds and the other does not. Sibling relationships are void of that. There is no room for jealousy but happiness. From my experience, I can claim that I would rather see my sister succeed while being stuck in a pit with no help to get out rather than seeing my own self in a glorious bubble while a dusky cloud hovers over her.

Siblings are the ones who tattle the most to their parents about each others’ follies. There is a moment when you want to kill him or her because he or she went and complained about you. The anger is beyond control and the blood boils. However, they are the same souls who defend each other in front of parents. When parents are being hard on one child, the other child always comes to the rescue. Parents are well parents. They will chide you, compare you and give long boring soporific lectures so it is easier when their fury gets distributed among the siblings.
There are things which one cannot admit to anyone. Not even to best friends or their better half and obviously not to parents. But there is nothing in this world that can be hidden from siblings. You know you can confess anything without being judged. They know your deepest, darkest secrets which otherwise can have implications if the word spreads out.
Elder siblings are often a role model for the younger ones. Being the younger child in my family, I have always looked up to my sister. Even as toddlers, the younger baby follows the footsteps of the older kid. If ‘bhaiya’ or ‘didi’ is going to school, the younger one would throw tantrums till he or she is given a chance to. Somehow, what the older ones do is always more fascinating.
Likewise, the older brother or sister is always protective of their younger sibling. They are like a pseudo parent making sure the younger one does not end up making the same mistakes they did. ‘Bhaiya’ or ‘didi’ are always protective of their brothers or sisters. Luckier are the kids who have an elder sibling who is working because then their lives are showered with material gifts parents usually might not agree to buy. They are their evergreen Santa.
When it comes to decision making or taking an advice, siblings are one of the most sought after counsellors. They are better than:
Paid counsellors- Because they are free and there is no per hour basis session counselling.
Parents- Who might tell you what is morally correct though practically impossible.
Random people- Who might deceive you by misguiding you.

Specially, in the teenage period, this overprotection between siblings gets to the point of intruding in others’ lifestyles. Since, both pass through the same age they are aware of the negative distractions around and both are often bothered if either of them falls prey to things he or she might regret later. Even from my experience, I realise that in this age we are the most destructible towards each other. However, as time passes by and we become adults, we let it flow. We learn to give each other space and respect the decisions we take. There is always room for the benefit of doubt.
If you have a sibling, you are never alone. Sibling friendships are important because our siblings have been in our lives since the beginning of our lives. Siblings fight one minute and yet the next minute they are pals again as if nothing even happened. They will never walk out of each other’s life. Siblings are the only people, of the same generation, who will stay for life.

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