Sibling Relationship – A Blend of Sugar and Spice

I just had a huge argument with my brother over a petty thing which he obviously over reacted at. I so loathe him. But, he gave me few extra bucks last week when i had blown off my pocket money at the middle of the month and I totally love him for that. Hey wait, he also got me into trouble and made me get scolded by parents. Ugh I’m still mad at him. But, when that bully at school was making my life difficult he dealt with him and told me that he has always got my back. Well sure he has! Oops sorry! I started talking to myself but did all this ring a bell? Made you think of somebody, your own brother or sister maybe?

sibling relationship

Sibling relationships have always had more than one shade. We love them too much but we hate them too, we hate them still we care for them the most, we care for them yet we fight with them. But trust me, you just cannot do without them. That’s how it has always been and maybe that’s how it is supposed to be.

We all love to spend time with our friends where some friends are closer to us than others. Some friends help us through tough times and make our life easy while others keep creating more troubles and leave us alone in the moment of darkness. But there is also a person or two, who has been more than friend to you. S/he stood by you whenever you needed them to and helped you stand on your feet every time you fell. You could not choose him/her the way you do with your other friends but you are just blessed to have them. That person is your sibling who hasn’t just seen you grow but has allowed you to transform from that little kid to the independent mature personality you are today. And in fact s/he has grown up with you. And you two haven’t just shared the same gene pool but your complete childhood.

They have seen every side of you. The way you get angry when you get scolded because of them or the tantrums you throw when your parents don’t allow you to have things your way. They have seen those terrible faces you make when your mom has made your disliked dish or the happiness in your eyes when the whole family storms your room at 12 midnight on your birthday.
If somebody can completely understand your crazy family then it’s your sibling. If somebody can help you in dodging your annoying aunt or your extra polite uncle then it’s your sibling. But sure as hell they are not always this friendly. Siblings can annoy you more than anybody on this planet and they do their job pretty well. Or maybe mine has got some extra expertise in creeping the hell out of me. Or I guess, all of them are just the same!

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Growing up with a brother or a sister also creates all sorts of problems in itself. Feeling a competition, negligence from parents or partial sharing of love and resources, these things culminate a sibling rivalry which is not a unique thing. We all have been there and felt that. There have been times where you wished to be a single child. But needless to mention there are also moments where you are truly thankful to have them in your life.

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A sibling relationship is of utmost importance when it comes to social and emotional development of a child. They provide us with a never ending support and help us getting through tough times. They can be an ultimate source of motivation, advice and guidance. When our parents fail to perceive our feelings and emotions it’s always your brother or sister who sees you through and assists you in getting your life sorted. Then it can be staying up all night to help you with your school project or providing you with some life-saving recommendations over which guy or girl you should date!

A constant pressure to be the best child in every aspect may have haunted us during our childhood years but somewhere it helped us in learning a healthy competition and being keen to improve ourselves. And most of all having a sibling makes staying at home so much fun. I remember years ago when there wouldn’t be anything interesting on television for us, me and my brother would find our own ways of entertainment. We would arrange the pillows in shape of a throne and I’ll sit on it. Then my brother would push me making me roll over the bed and falling over another bed. Ghosh! That was so crazy and such a fun.

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But it was never like all play and no war. Hell yeah, war! That’s how siblings tend to see their fights as, fighting over the television remote being the most prevailing one. However fighting for more candies, toys and just about anything is quite common as well. I remember watching WWE on television and then trying to imitate that famous “powerslam” move on each other. I guess we were complete retards back then!

Nevertheless I totally love my brother and am sure all you guys love your siblings too! It is a blend of sugar and spice but I love it that way, don’t you?

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