Be Simple, Be Awesome!

“Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” – Lao Tzu

Can you imagine your life without your cell phone? Or in fact any other gadget that you own- Ipods, gaming devices, your laptop? I’m certain that the answer to that would be no.  We are living in such times that these things have become such an essential part of our life that it becomes too difficult for us to even imagine a time when all these things didn’t exist. Even our parents, who, while growing up, weren’t aware of all of this, in today’s time are almost addicted to technology too.  We all know how the world is continuously moving forward; every day there is a new invention and technology has made our life so easy. But when do you get to know how much is too much?  There is a very fine line between the efficient use of technology and its overuse. Liberate yourselves from these things. Try to spend at least an hour a day without any gadget and instead use that time to pamper yourself.  You can always go outside for a walk or enjoy some leisure time in your garden.  If not these, you can spend time exercising or you can always cook some tasty dishes for you and your family!

We all should live by a simple life philosophy. Say what you feel. Do what you want.  Why stress ourselves with over thinking? When was the last time you actually sat and looked at your surroundings? We’re so busy in our day to day lives; all the hustle and bustle that we tend to ignore the small things that take place around us. Start appreciating the small things in life. Maybe someone smiled at you today. Instead of making judgments or questioning that person’s motives, you should smile back. Who knows what that person might be going through? You might have just made his/her day. We are so busy looking at the bunch of flowers that we forget to admire the single flowers that make up the bunch!

Humans are known to make their life excessively complicated. Why do we do that? There is no single reason. We tend to think about a situation so much that we don’t even realize that there just might be a very simple solution to it! So let us say that you like a guy. Now, obviously, like every other girl, you’re definitely not planning to confront him with your feelings. Instead, you will make up scenarios in your head. And if one day, you he ignores you, you will just end up blaming yourself – that you might’ve done something wrong. That is right! You HAVE made a huge mistake. You did not tell him how you feel! He is not a mind reader that he’ll understand what you want.  I say, be a go getter. Take all the chances that you get, make use of them.  You might not succeed, so what? At least you tried. And you will not regret that.  Eliminate everything that is unnecessary. Make your life free. That’s the least you can do. When you finally let go of all the irrelevant thoughts in your head, the pretensions of being nice to people you dislike – it is a very liberating experience. Why burden yourself with the stress? Go with the flow. Take each day as it comes.  There is obviously the need of focusing on a long term goal, but you need to enjoy each and every moment of your life so that in the end you can proudly say you lived your life to the fullest. When you look back now, you only remember the big moments of life – when you graduated from high school, when you go into your dream college et al. But nobody says, ’Oh, I really enjoyed that day when I sat in my balcony doing nothing just listening to the sound of rain.’ It is in these moments when you can actually say that you are free from the everyday routine of life.


The best example of this kind of life would be children. They have no pretentious tone. They say what they feel without thinking how others would react to it. They live in a black and white world-they do what they feel is right and discard what does not appeal them. They aren’t aware of the world and it’s extreme ways.   Childhood-that is the only time when we are our happiest self.  Every emotion is so genuine that some people prefer being around children more than adults! It’s rightly said; only two people in life speak the truth – The drunk, and children!

It is up to ourselves as to how we want to live our life. We can either make it complicated or just let go and enjoy a free life. Be thankful for all the opportunities that life has provided us.

“If you want to be successful, it’s just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what tou are doing. And believe in you are doing.” – Will Rogers

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