The Simplest Form Of Love – Friendship

So today, I bumped into my childhood best friend in the metro. I haven’t seen her in about 6 years so it took me a while to even digest how much she had changed. She looked so different. She was this petite little egoistic but super adorable girl, who’d always keep fighting with everyone for me in class. I was sort of a peacemaker, never liked fighting, so she was more like my saviour. She’d defend me all the time and be perpetually mad at my super bitchy classmates. I still don’t understand how someone gets bitchy in 7th grade but they were more like overgrown aunties so never mind. Her mom was a teacher in our school, and we’d stay back quite a lot after school ended too. I’d go over to her place and help clean her cupboard, write letters to her parents to convince them to send her for overnight trips. She was really fond of public speaking too, so I’d back out at the last moment whenever I was supposed to host an event and would recommend her name instead.


I did spoil her pretty bad but she was my first friend in school, and I didn’t know anyone well enough and people weren’t even cordial and she’d keep fighting for me even though she didn’t really know me back then. Maybe she thought I was a social misfit or whatever, but I was new and she was there for me when I really needed someone. So I owed her that, still do and forever will. When I met her today, it was awkward at first. Primarily because I’ve been socially disconnected lately, very literally I mean. And I don’t even feel the urge to contact people because I’m so damn lazy. So there was this initial awkwardness because I hadn’t tried much to contact her in the last 3 years at least so I was a little guilt ridden. But slowly we broke back into our comfort zones and relived our childhood memories together. It didn’t feel like I hadn’t spoken to her in that long. She had changed obviously, six years is a long time to change anyone. I have changed too. Not only in her physical appearance, which I may say has improved significantly. She was cute back then too, but she genuinely looks beautiful now and I couldn’t be happier seeing her like that because I used to help pick her clothes back then. But she changed as a person too, and only for the better. She was much less egoistic, much more expressive.


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She didn’t even come to say goodbye the day I left town. She couldn’t cry in front of me, was her logic. Nevertheless, I knew she’d miss me and that I’d remain her best friend till she finds someone who spoils her equally or more. We talked till I finally had to get off at the next station since I had class. But today’s encounter really made me wonder. How unbelievably easy it is to talk to an old friend, unless and until you stopped talking due to some kind of rift between the two of you. There’s this very happy zone you enter once you meet them and narrate silly stories to each other of things you did together. You make the most innocent memories with them and those kinds you can always laugh about at coffee dates or casual outdoor meetings.


For me, my friends have always been my safety cushion. I can actually barely imagine not having them pampering me like they do. I bet you can’t be half as comfortable if you bump into your ex in the metro or even a distant relative for that matter. There’s too much you’re conscious about. Your appearance, how you talk, what you say etc. But I can proudly say that I can walk to my best friend’s house in pyjamas in the middle of the night and not even feel like slightly awkward because I know she’ll let me in. Later we could have a good laugh about how obnoxious and super embarrassing I am, but then that’s okay. I can always laugh at myself when I’m with her because I know its okay if I’m a little strange and awkward, she loves me anyway. She doesn’t have much of a choice.


There’s a kind of togetherness in all stupidity and publicly humiliating activities you indulge in with your friends. And what I love about this kind of love, is that everything goes unsaid. You’re not morally or socially obligated to declare your love for your friends. It speaks for itself. You don’t necessarily have to go hug your friend when he/she cries. You might as well crack a pathetic joke or tell them that they resemble some animal when they cry. It works for me at least. And there’s so much variety you get in these people. You have your getting drunk buddies that you throw up with all the time and then drag back to their respective places, you have your senti buddies who always end up making you feel better about yourself, and you then you have people who know you head to toe, or maybe through and through every particle of your body, so you can always be your embarrassing self in front of them. Friendship is simple, its easy and its unlike anything else you’ll ever know, Because it’ll make you very happy without you ever finding out how and why. You’re lucky to have known friendship, so cherish it every moment of every day.  


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