Single and Happy!

Love these days has become a fad, more like a trend. Almost everybody you see these days has a girlfriend or boyfriend. Most of the people seem to be in a relationship without even knowing its significance. You get to see all these teenagers who already are supposedly in love without even knowing what love is really all about. And I have personally observed a lot of people who are still single and sulk about how sad their lives are just because they do not have the so called love in their life! I am sure a lot of singles out there will relate to this, there is a complete different freedom to live with when you are single! Firstly, just because everybody else is seeing someone it does not mean that you should too! What is so embarrassing and sad about being single? In fact being single during younger days is one of the best ways to live your life the way you want to. Since everybody gets committed and married someday and has to live their life according to their partners, why not utilize this time of singlehood and live life the way you want to? There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of being committed or being in a relationship. But there are mostly only greater advantages of remaining single. Have you ever thought about that?

You will see people who are committed always have to think twice or may be even a thousand times before taking any particular decision, because they always have to worry about the consequences of their decisions that will directly or indirectly affect their better-half. Any which way, whether they make a decision or no, it will still affect their better-half! When you are single, you have no one to worry about but yourself! You know you are responsible for your own actions and if it is going to affect anybody, it’s you! When you are single, you do not have to worry about the extra calories! You can eat and hog as much as you want to, there is practically no stopping, because you don’t have to worry about what your special someone is going to think about you as you won’t have any! You can easily take in the extra cookies, pastries and sweets without having to expect any taunts on how it is going to change your size. Obviously you care about your health and do not want to gain the extra kilos, but who cares as long as you love the way you are? Also there is no stopping about what kind of clothes you wear and how you dress up. Why do you need someone to judge your dressing and fashion sense? I can very well wear a western outfit at a wedding ceremony! Hell yeah, I will! So you can wear every kind of apparel you want to, without having to worry about how your boyfriend feels about it. Trust me, a partner who cannot flaunt his better-half the way she is, is not even worth having! Why do you want to dress up for somebody else when you can look pretty for your own self? I agree people who are in a relationship share everything with each other; their joys and sorrows. But don’t we all agree that we all need some space after some point of time? I mean enough of the cheesy talks! You do not have to depend on anybody for any kind of support. I think we are all pretty strong that way! And don’t we all have some really amazing friends who stand by us through thick and thin? So why get into a relationship for that? Coming to friends reminds me of one really important thing. People who are committed are always so much occupied with each other that they barely have any time for their friends. That is the sad truth. We all have friends even before getting into relationships, but once people get into relationships, friends pretty much don’t exist for them, because all the time they used to spend with friends earlier is now dedicated to somebody else! Nobody can change or even challenge the fact that the fun and crazy times spent with friends cannot be experienced with anybody else! Committed people always have to explain and justify their decisions to their partners. Why? Aren’t those decisions your own? Why do people have to justify why they are doing what they are doing? I am glad that single people are responsible towards nobody but themselves. I cannot imagine myself explaining everything I do to someone else. You will not have to compromise your decisions for anybody when single.

If you say you want to get into a relationship for love, you probably have got the entire concept of love wrong my dear! You should probably just look around you and see how much love, affection and care you receive from your family, friends and well-wishers! Love is not only when you receive it from the special someone. So do not get into a relationship for all the wrong reasons. If you are happy with yourself, do not compromise it only to be committed to somebody else. You should learn to spend your life by yourself before sharing it with someone else.


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