Be Your Sister’s Keeper

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.  ~Marion C. Garretty

We all have siblings no matter they are real ones, cousins, acquaintances or friends. Sibling is incredibly imperative and essential element in our lives. We discuss our thoughts, concerns and sentiments with them. During our childhood, it is the sibling only who stays with us 24*7.Initially they turn into our best partners and all time accompanying person. As we grow up we develop somewhat different relationship with them. Even though we converse less with them but share an enormous sense of love and bond with our siblings. Defining this relationship is beyond words but in crisp it is the sweetest relationship in the whole planet. As we grow more mature and busy in our lives the relationship gets much more strengthened and in our difficult times they are the ones with whom we share our problems and discuss our triumphs. They are an essential part of us and a special space is created for them in our hearts.


As I entered my house my sister jumped over me and hugged me tightly. I can see the exhilaration in her eyes and the joy of re-uniting with me. She is in school and looks up to me whenever in a mess. We are closely bonded and I treat her like a daughter. Very fragile and vulnerable are school children. We should guide them always with their school and personal lives. Similar is the case with her, she is often in confusion regarding her friends and studies. We share the strongest connection of love according to me. We talk about our private verve and our issues, conflicts arising in our lives. Together we come to a conclusion and decide what is correct or incorrect. Life is all about adjustments and honesty, this is the saying I preach her everytime.It won’t be a bed of roses and neither thorns will prick your feet every moment. Work hard and be honest in every paradigm. There are moments when we had fought like animals but when I am away from her I miss her most and talking with her takes me back to my childhood days.

There are moments when she would fight with her school friends. Silently she would weep or feel disheartened. However somehow whether it is sister to sister connection or telepathy I am still unaware of that thing, I get to know that her heart is upset. I would give her a call and we would discuss all the queries finally arriving to a relevant solution. How amazing is this bond of love where there are no formalities and debtness.Just wonderful and amazing. A sister is a beautiful gift of god which binds two souls together. There are times when we get connected to a particular song so meticulously. Similar is the case with sisters, it is a soul to soul connection.

We all must have heard or read about the wonderful book Sisters Keeper written by “Jodi Picoult “.It depicts strong love between two sisters and the fight fought together by both of them. It shows how ones misery affects the other half and how they struggled together. Same should be emulated by all of us and we should always protect our siblings no matter what. We should push them whenever they feel low and boost enthusiasm in their souls so that they can attain laurels and touch the sky. A small push believe me will do wonders. So always be glad about their fine work and love them immeasurably.

For me it is a fortunate thing literally to have a younger sister. She is sweet, vulnerable and my darling. We equally fight and love each other.Infact, not to lie we fight more but that doesn’t diminish our love and affection for each other. Thank you God for gifting me such a treasured and prized possession. I can never imagine my life without her since she is the one who stood with me in my fall backs and triumphant movements. We share a beautiful bond of love, friendship and fondness. We party together, discuss about our personal lives and future prospects. I used to fight with everyone whosoever troubled my sister or teased her. During my friend’s birth day parties in school days, she would stick to me and begged to take her to those parties. Initially I was irritated but later took her and had fun together. I still remember an incident when my sister was a toddler and my father brought chocolates for me for the picnic party in the school. I was very excited and in the morning rushed to the fridge to get the chocolate. As I stepped in I saw my sister eating that chocolate with all the chocolate spread across her face. I was furious but today when I recall those beautiful moments tears rolled down my eyes as I miss my sister a lot.

Siblings are the deluxe conception of God and we should always love and appreciate that creation. Love your sister as she’s special and your other half. We come out of the same womb and though not connected through umbical cord yet connected through hearts. I try to keep my sister happy and protect her from the world around. It is my privilege to be my sister’s keeper as not all are lucky to have sisters. Love your sister and make her feel on cloud 9 whenever possible. Make her scintillate like a star so that she can spread the glory all around the globe.

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