Solitude: A Blessing in Disguise

Often in life we get sad, weak and disappointed whenever we feel lonely or in solitude. Our aloofness from the world makes us indulge in self pity. Little do we realize that without solitude, love will not stay long by our side because love comes to those who truly vale it. Love journeys through the heavens and reveals itself among the humans. Solitude is in fact not the absence of love, but its complement. Solitude makes plants and animals survive, it makes the soil productive, it makes an artist create and a writer write, it makes a child learn about life and helps in huge transformations across the globe.

We should not be agonized when in solitude; in fact we must celebrate it. In the absence of company we live some of the most cherished moments of our lives. Our soul is free to speak to us and to help us decide what to do with our life. Some of the best ideas are conceived in absolute solitude. If you are never alone, you cannot know yourself. Solitude is indeed a blessing in disguise. One should not be afraid of their own company, you should not be always looking to do something and to be with someone. Solitude is a prized possession which only the brave are rendered with.

A vast world lies within our soul waiting to be discovered. It can never be revealed completely in the company of several people. It demands your own space and time. It is very powerful with its strength intact. It is sad that we often fail to acknowledge its existence. At times, we are even afraid to acknowledge its existence. We are afraid to take that risk of discovering who we are. It will compel us to go the extra mile to do what we feel is right. It will make us forget about what others think. However, we seldom want to come out of our own comfort zones. We blame this on others. We say we were not able to do something because others did not let us do it. However, in reality we are to blame. Our life is totally ours. It is in our hands to make it or break it!

solitude blessing in disguise

We tend to take the safer route as it is more comfortable even if it means renouncing our own life. We fail to grab the opportunity and then we say that we never had any opportunities. With each day that passes, we sink into our own limitations and then consequently sink deeper into solitude. We lack the strength to rediscover the bright light shining within us. It is there but we fail to recognize it. We push ourselves deeper into torment instead because that is the easiest thing to do. Getting back on your feet takes courage. Do not believe that you are not brave enough. Sooner or later, you will find the necessary faith and courage to confront solitude and its mysteries.

In solitude, we discover the love that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. In solitude, we understand the respect and love that came and that left. In solitude, we make most of our lives’ decisions. In solitude, we decide whether we should take the plunge or hold back. In solitude, we decide whether we should chase the old unfinished tasks or let it go and set off along a new path. In solitude, we learn about sins, vices, generosity and virtues. We must be able to accept silence and solitude as a blessing. Solitude makes us realize that our presence on Earth is absolutely necessary and makes an immense difference to the world and its creator. In solitude, we achieve harmony which is unattainable otherwise. Solitude gives us more than what we can ever ask for.

Solitude is not an oppressor, it is a rejuvenate. In life’s most beautiful and significant moments we are always alone. The child emerging from a woman’s womb is alone when he or she takes birth. The artist is alone when he or she works. The artist requires complete calm and solitude in order for his work to be really good. We are all alone at the most important and the most feared moment of our existence which is death. Solitude is a human condition. It needs to be embraced joyfully. Love and solitude can coexist in a peaceful manner. Even in cases of unrequited love there is a constant hope that one day it will be required. If you are patient, somebody will eventually invite you in their world. You have to seek love, recognition and work. You should stop thinking of yourself as a useless being firs before expecting others to respect you. The feeling of uselessness corrodes people’s soul. Do not try to be useful to someone, just be you. You can never be useless in the eyes of the lord. Everything has a reason to exist. Both solitude and togetherness have a reason to exist.

Your soul will teach you the usefulness of each step that you take. Live the life you always wanted to life. Avoid criticizing others and concentrate on fulfilling your dreams.

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