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Tipu Sultan, the great Indian warrior stated- ‘In this world I would rather live two days like a tiger, than living two hundred years like a sheep’. In life the most effective way to increase your advancement is to raise your performance which would in effect raise your expectations and the standards that you have marked. For each and every one of us, we are our heroes in our eye because whatever we do is what would influence our lives.

Most of the people think that a hero is someone with courage, superpowers and a characteristic trait of bravery. For some the definition of a hero is that of the actors working in a big-budget film with special effects who do some impossible looking stunts as if it is their daily dilly-dallying routine of fighting people and saving the world. Of course real life isn’t in any way like this but it does not mean that no heroes exist in real life. This in reality isn’t at all the case.

Being a hero is very well-defined by the words of Shakespeare- ‘Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them’. If you want to become a hero in your life then you need to be passionate about helping others, the needy and working upon being the best side of yourself. We might never be in a situation where we might have to fight aliens, adversaries with superpowers or a mad scientist who is bounded to bring havoc on Earth, but each and every one of us in our own way face challenges that sometime seem insurmountable. We just need to choose the right path. It is all about choices…it is about being good over evil, light over dark, right over wrong and going into the bright light and fighting the dark side of the world whenever possible.

To become a hero in your own life, you need to take the reins of your life in your own hand. Decide upon the things that you really want to achieve in your life and then know about the priorities that are on top of the requisite list which would help you in achieving your goals. Plan well to create newer ideas to reach the particular peak. Learn the lessons that life teaches you and specifically care for the ones who support you during the journey and always stand beside you and encourage you to not let go but to be determined in your efforts and have strength to reach your goals. Listen to your heart.

Slowly with time, you would be able to have a deeper insight to your thoughts. With new and stronger insights, you would be able to make your own choices. With your own choices, you would be able to become aware of your true potential that was earlier hidden inside of you. As a hero in your own eyes, this awareness would help you during your journey into the world. By keeping in mind all of these ideas; you would be able to amaze even your own self on how much you have improved in the personal front. It would help you in realizing the limits and manacles that you could break and in time create bewilderment in the hearts of the ones who are around you.

To be a Hero means that you have gained achievement, recognition, responsibility and also personally grown in the midst of the voyage.  Being a hero does not mean that you have to be like a Superman, Batman or Spider-man but it is about having the courage and strong will to face the ordeals of life and fight till all of it gets settled. It is about showing compassion to others and helping the people who are in need. If you volunteer for an orphanage or give alms to the poor or if you help the elderly then you are a hero. Being a hero does not always mean fighting villains like on-screen actors do in movies but it is about battling the evils lurking in the society because of whom the world has seriously become a difficult place to reside on.

It is not about how much power you have in your hands but it is about the courage and bravery residing in the heart that is real power. As in the movie Kung Fu Panda…Po, the panda got to know that it was courage that made him the warrior and it wasn’t about appearances, we need to understand that we have immense potential and we can break the biggest of mountains if we make up our heart to do so. The journey might be difficult but it is the soul that has to have faith in it to complete the voyage. It is not about companions, amenities or knowledge that the journey of life can be made but through will-power, determination and immense courage that it can be made successful.

Becoming a hero is not difficult but to become and remain so is. So if you have faith in yourself and have the heart to help the needy then you are a Hero from every side. Just be yourself!

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