What is that Something Special?

Yes, you read the title right. Not who but ‘what’. Not someone but ‘something’. We all want human company. We want friends, family, a partner and if no one else, in many cases servants. Bottom line, we want to be surrounded by people. Everyone fears loneliness. There is a stark difference between loneliness and being alone. Being alone is like being in a solitary refinement while loneliness is being abandoned by the society.
It is a matter of concern if we have been deserted but the topic of my discussion here is that in circumstances when you are either alone or lonely, in the absence of human company, what is that one thing you would clutch onto? Or rephrasing it in romantic terms, what is that one special something for you? Or further transforming and changing the scene to a hypothetical condition, what is that one thing you would like to carry with yourself if you got abandoned on an island?
No, the answer cannot be a networking device because that would again connect you to people living in other parts of the world. Everybody has a passion. Passion of food, books, music, films and many other hobbies. If you still cannot think of something you are most passionate about, then you need time for introspection.

Books are a person’s best friend. They drag you to an entirely different fantastical world away from reality. Books let your imagination let loose. You can visualise it in your way. They can never betray a person because each book has a special moral to give. It maybe thriller, mystery, horror, romantic or just a comic but getting entertained is a promise without fail. Moreover, books help to get a command over your language and after all there are very few friends in the world, who help you grow as a person and books are one of them.

However, not everybody can be a bookworm. A lot of people might find reading a book as a slow procedure and hence, might resort to watching films. Pictures are less demanding than books. They are fast paced and can be finished within a couple of hours. Since, visuals are already there one does not have to rack his or her brain into imagining the real scenario.

Music takes one into trance. It may be lyrical, serene or metal as the choice may differ from person to person. Irrespective of genre, when positivity sinks into a black hole, music is the solution to mute the world out and get lost in reverie.

Some prefer escaping from human company by going on a long drive. Highways and wide roads are a boon to people wanting to take a break. Just speed the car (though it should be in the limits, making sure we do not end up taking ours or someone else’s life) and race till one reaches a dead end or a deserted road and fall in love with nature. Forget the concrete jungle and witness Nature at its best.

Then there are some lucky ones who are affluent enough to travel around the world. Travelling, eventually, means being surrounded by people although going to an alien land with unknown citizens can make one feel lonely in a crowd. Yet, if one loves to travel, he or she would prefer being lost in the mob, allowing the thoughts to flow freely without any disturbance or interjection.

Sometimes sitting idle is equivalent to being hungry. It is impossible to sit unoccupied for hours and not munch on snacks. There are people who love experimenting with food. ‘Foodgasm’ is one of the most apt words I have come across for delicious food can actually satiate your hunger and desires, pun intended and not intended.

Along with, having food there is a category of people who take to cooking to wear off their stress. Apparently, they relish the aroma of the food while cooking and the sautéing of vegetables (I say apparently because how cooking food is a stress buster is beyond me).  However, we are all thankful to people of this category because without them we would not have had the fortune to crave for amazing food.

Behind every beautiful photograph is a beautiful photographer. These are the kinds of people I associate with being most selfless. They click stunning pictures but never feature themselves in it. Photographers are people who bring out the best in everything. They make you look at the world as if it is perfect. Photography is a great energy booster because they flash out all the dullness with only beauty in focus.

Apart from the usual, there are of course other means to faze people out and that is through drinking, smoking and smoking up but getting involved in things at the cost of one’s health or life is not a chance worth taking.
Whatever is your something special, hold on to it when you need to be aloof from the world. Although, we must try to keep such an escapist attitude at bay but connecting with our soul is equally important. Everybody needs time for self critique or appreciation. Often, when we are constantly surrounded by innumerable souls we forget who we are and in the process, we end up defining ourselves by our company.

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