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One should always spare time for others and help them out in one way or other. If we do not get a chance to practice is in our day to day hectic life then I have an option for you all, spare some time and become a volunteer. In today’s time there are so many organizations offering volunteer vacancies. Similarly I got a chance to volunteer in International Aids Conference held in Vienna and it provided me with a life time worth experience.

Firstly, I got a chance to interact with people from around the globe and of different ages. From a 16 yr old to a 60 yr old I could see such variations in volunteers in Vienna. From here I had concluded that there is no age bar to volunteer, whenever you are free from your chores go for this social cause. When a senior citizen can show such zeal for a social cause then why not us?

Volunteerism gives us and revelation and an encouraging attitude towards human beings. Not only has it inculcated within us confidence but leads to self satisfaction as well. We all must have had observed that whenever we help somebody be it a man or animal we feel an gigantic sense of joy inside our souls. This proves this fact that volunteerism leads to contentment and gratification. In today’s fast running life we all want sanctity and peace at the end of the day. This can be achieved sure and shot by dedicating few hours for the needy ones. Often I have seen people in temples and other holy places to feel the presence of god and tell him that we love him. However it is true that God is present in every other soul, if you want to serve god then better serve humanity and he will listen to you. I have experienced it believe me.

There are numerous types of volunteer tasks. Mostly they are related with serving humanity and nature. Volunteers are usually assigned task to serve people who are in need and help them in their upliftment.In this way we are doing a philanthropic task and at the same time getting self contentment. They might be relocated to remote areas of Asia and Africa to assist the community. I must tell you all that money is not everything, there are literally things which money can never buy and you will observe this in this trade. After assisting the needy ones when they see into your eyes and say thank you and you will feel to be on the top of world. I am sure you cannot buy this thing by spending crores even.

Every volunteer was assigned a task and mine was to assist LGBT community to understand that place better and guide them throughout the conferences. However in the later three days I was also assigned to act as a translator for them. I loved my work and it was absolutely an unusual experience for me. Not only I understood their issues, concerns but also my over-all insight towards them changed. Now if I see anybody mocking or commenting on them I tell them directly that better shut up. They are like us and are equally human and we all should stand for equality in India.Volunteersim changed my perception of seeing things all together.

I got an opportunity to travel and see Vienna. After our day end we could wander around the capital and explore it. From the glorious castles to the splendid hang-out I saw the city explicitly. I made some wonderful friends there with whom I am still in touch and continue to exchange post-cards yearly. These things would not have been possible without my trip here and that became possible because of this golden chance of volunteerism. Hence this gave me an opening to see the globe and interact with people from diversified ethnicity.

Volunteerism is real time experience and one should practice this once in their life. We stay in a community, hence it becomes our responsibility to improve and sustain that community. It is an art of exploring new things and new skills. It will revolutionize the perception of your life. We only realize a situation when we step into the shoes of that person and this thing can be realized through volunteerism. Not only we dedicate our precious moment towards them but we comprehend that life is not a cakewalk for everyone; it is much more challenging and thorny. Here you get to know your conscience and outlook when you see the sufferings of the needy. We recognize our duties towards the needy and our social role/position in changing their lives. It makes us much aware as well as responsive about our environment and issues related with our community or outside it. It will transform you wholly and you will a see a totally dissimilar self of you after this. I have seen the positive changes in me. Now it’s your turn.

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I am traveler,blogger and an avid reader.Reading is my passion and writing my experiences is vicarious enjoyment for me.I firmly believe that we require strong amendments when it comes to female security.Still a learner and I try to imbibe maximum from people and happenings around me.

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