Sparkling Sundays – Days Well Spent

Monday- Wake up,get ready and go to work.

Tuesday-Wake up,get ready and go to work.

Wednesday-Wake up,get ready and go to work.

Thursday-Wake up,get ready and go to work.

Friday-Wake up,get ready and go to work.

Saturday-Wake up,make plans with friends for Sunday,discuss endlessly about those plans on whatsapp.

Sunday- Let’s go brunching!!!!

That’s how life is once you complete college and start working. Back in college days we met our friends everyday and had endless economical brunches. Everyone had a fixed pocket money and eating together was no special occasion. Usually it was the corner south indian joint or college canteen that we ate at. We would wait for a birthday or occasions like Rose day and Friendship days in college to go to a nice restaurant to eat.

brunch 1

You only miss those “eating together” days when you start working and can’t meet as often as you used to. When life is so hectic that you have to skip lunches on some days. You never realize that once we start working and grow up we will give anything up to just revisit those good old college days. You don’t mind making those endless assignments at least they were much better than the endless presentations at work. Those lectures in college that put us off to sleep were much better than the meetings at work where we are nodding with every word bouncing above our heads. Wherever you work, however the work culture is, whether you a good rapport with your colleagues or no in the end you only want to a Sunday Brunch with your old buddies. The ones who you have spent hours discussing endless bullshit, beautiful dreams, embarrassing details, dumb moments and  knee-slapping, tear-rolling, tummy-grabbing laughter.


We meet friends over drinks and dinner on Saturday nights as well but these nights have less talking more dancing and drinking cocktails. Saturday nights are the party scenes which are fun but you always end with at least one drunk friend to take care of and sore feet the next morning after all the dancing.

Sunday brunches have their own fun. Imagine the pool side Sunday brunch sitting there wearing your summer dress,drinking sparkling wine and laughing over an old joke. Have you noticed however old the joke is every time we laugh hard equally? The joke just never gets old.My favourites are the secret inside jokes. The ones that you never say aloud and understand by mere eye contact and burst out laughing. I think in every group there will always be one girl making dumb statements or not understanding unless explained ten times, one guy who will always make fun of every situation usually called the “clown” of the group, then there is one girl who talks and talks and talks too much that food can also not shut her,one who always has the latest gossip of the town, one of them will always be a chiller and go “whaddup” trying to pull a Mr.Stinson. There will always be one friend moving around with a price tag and one who doesn’t care to look at the price tags ever. Oh! how can I forget our little Miss Drama Queen, she will be one friend who dresses up for every occasion and creates a scene for every small things(like a chipped nail paint). Every friend is unique, each of them have distinctive personalities but each have the same amount of love in their hearts of each other, and that’s what bonds friends together. We learn to accept our friends the way they are and even if one of them doesn’t turn up for the bunch we miss them so much that we send them tons of pictures showing how much fun we are having and what he or she is missing out on. It’s like a mission to make the absentees feel horrible on cancelling on us. I think Sunday Brunches are the best stress busters, imagine sitting with friends,legs dipped in the pool, sipping on wine, laughing like we never laughed, sharing funny work stories in spite of our friends knowing our colleagues or no, discussing a friend’s new girlfriend or boyfriend and placing bets on how long the current ones will last, every single moment I wish we could capture and stop time right there. At this moment we don’t care about the world, we don’t care about impressing our boss or the deadlines hanging on our head, we don’t care about the excess weight either and drink and eat to glory. We actually go back to being a 20 year old college kid, hand in hand jumping on “rin tin tin” and singing “hakuna matata”. And most importantly all the click click click, we toss our hair behind and pose like super models and photo bomb each others pictures.

brunch 4

After all of this comes, paying the bill part, back in college days we all looked away when the bill arrived, waiting building courage to look at it and then collecting all the change from our bag to pay our share. But now, we all jump to pay the bill, swipe our cards and fight over who’s paying and who’s not. This is the best part of working, you earn your brunches. Life definitely changes but for the good. We now value friends and family time more.

brunch 3

I look forward to such Sundays when I let my hair down and laugh with my friends and say “bring it on Monday” am ready to face you with renewed vigour.


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