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It is said by Warren Buffet ” If you buy things you don’t need, you will soon sell things you need”,  and is actually a true fact which most people forget about in their day to day lives.

Whenever I go into a store and see something which catches my eye, my immediate reaction is always to buy it. I do pause, thinking if I need it at the moment or if I can afford it? But I buy it thinking I will regret not purchasing it and taking it home with me. Somehow I manage to prepare my mind to think that I will need the item later and it will prove usefu. So I  forget the budget and buy it loosing large amount of my pocket money on something I didn’t need in the first place and end up facing pocket money crunches for the rest of the ‘important’ things of day to day life.
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This is one of the biggest problems faced by women, and men too, all over the globe. Where the college going generation doesn’t get enough of ever changing fashion, girls are spoilt with choices in every accessory,footwear ,clothing available in the oh-so-fancy showrooms in malls and even boys who love flaunting the latest fashion in the campus, this generation finds themselves unable to control the urge to shop in the well promoted and marketed brand showrooms ,which also provide a big whole in the pocket of the person who shopped from them!
Even women of the age above 25 find it hard to resist shopping from the store /brand they love as soon as they see something they like, even if they don’t need it. Be it cosmetics or bags, women love to splurge on vanity and can’t get enough of it. Even if it means shaking the monthly budget but for them, there is nothing that a good brand of lipstick cannot replace . Where men are concerned, if shopping for vanity doesn’t interest them then sure shopping for gadgets tops their list! And there is always a price to pay to get the latest gadgets and toys to keep them entertained even after they grow up.
We all buy things we do not need just because we ‘want’ them and not ‘need’ them. Since the age of 3 when we used to go with our parents to a store and cry for getting the toys which caught our eye-till now where we go to a store and buy the piece of garment we find difficult to resist , it’s a human tendency to make oneself happy by indulging in things which we think will make us happy. In order to save ourselves from guilt, our clever brains make us believe that we will find a way to use the thing we want to buy in future, and the amount of money we spend on it will cover up by controlling our expenditure in other things. People go to the extent of skipping a meal for weeks in order to save the money which they would have spent on lunch and cover up for the expenditure done on that branded fancy jeans they bought a week ago! This culture that we are into due to the crazy marketing strategies, which work on us and drag us to their doors to buy the latest items to make us feel like a part of the updated crowd is actually making our pockets lighter and pressure heavier on our minds, but we still never resist the urge to buy what we want.
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If we think about it from another angle, are we investing our hard earned money/ parent’s hard earned money into something useful or spend it just to make our selves temporarily happy? Buying so many shoes that we forget the last pair we bought? Owning 6 pairs of jeans but wearing 2 alternatively is mostly what we all do. No one has the time to take care of the washing and cleaning of so many clothes at once. We use what we think we need , then why own what we can not even use fully?  Why not spend the money in enrolling oneself in an online course and get something out of it in future? Or saving your pocket money in order to spend it on something which you would actually need and you won’t have to crib about the fact that you don’t have money in hand!
We give in to the sparkle and glossy packaging of the products we buy and try and shut our eyes and mind from the price tag attached with the commodity.  Spending your money on smaller pleasures here and there keep you from saving for a bigger pleasure which you could have experienced if you saved your money for it. The last moment plans of going to that concert, that fancy restaurant you love, or the weekend out of the  city with friends cannot be attended just because you spent where you shouldn’t have because of your smaller ‘wants’.
We should understand that in today’s time with unlimited things which are available to us to splurge on, we should buy what we ‘need’ and not what we ‘want’ and spend only after what’s left after saving!

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