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Life is a beautiful mirror in which you can see the reflection of your deeds and virtues. What we wish to see outside as our reflection must first exist inside. If we look pretty the mirror will tell it all. If we have freckles and pimples all over our face, the mirror will not hide it either. What I am trying to get with this is that if you want to make your day the best day of your life ever, then you must gift your mornings with a beautiful face. A face can be made beautiful by simply curling your lips and turning them to a big smile. One must have heard about the famous proverb, morning shows the day. Hence your mornings decide whether you are going to utilize the day to its fullest stretch or not. Wake up with a beautiful smile. Welcome yourself to the new day as well as others. Life is all about making each day count. In the morning, make your mind open and vulnerable to all the good thoughts. You must have a heart that has unconditional love within and will never hesitate in spreading it to the masses. A mind full of magnificent thoughts is an intelligent mind. The most effective way to get our brains working, our minds running and to put them into action is with our mornings. Have you given it a thought that our parents always used to advise to wake up in the mornings and then study? I have maintained this habit till date of going to bed around 11 and rising up pretty early. This has always benefitted me in innumerable ways.


In order to visualise your goals clearly have flashcards in your room stating them. When you wake up in the morning, you see such inspirational quotes and sayings by great men. I have a picture of a quote by aditya vikram birla stating the “power to dream big”, right in front of my bed. As I wake up, I read his words and I am motivated to take a giant leap every morning. I believe in getting things beforehand and according to me mornings are the best time, when you can outrun others. The beautiful words like thank you, dream big, be kind, magic and smile fill my consciousness. Right in the start I am in a jolly good mood and want to greet everyone I see. My biological clock wakes me up at 4 and it is up to me to wake up or not. Honestly speaking, there are moments when I feel like going back to sleep again and I do fall asleep. But then other days, when I am able to utilize the entire time before having breakfast, I am delighted on my achievement. Waking up in the morning and resisting the unbeatable urge to fall off asleep, and while doing so studying your subjects is a head burn task in itself. But the consequences are marvellous.


When we wake up, we are at our alpha level. If we want to learn anything new, the messages which we will be sending out to our brains will be permeating with great speed and clarity. It may sound a bit creepy but it is true. The information permeates into our subconscious. And whatever goes in there stays there forever. I pet my dog after I wake up because if I do not do so, I will not be spared no matter what. Try to refrain from checking out your phone, watching TV, or fighting with your family members. Let the good thoughts and energy get into your brain and nothing else. The negative energy will not be able to affect your mind’s equilibrium. If you are chaotic inside, do not let the anger create chaos outside. Do not fight with your partner just because you were not able to have a good night sleep. The mind is our last frontier. If you are in positive thinking of this, then your life would be in your control and will take magical turns around you.


If you are finding it difficult to wake up in the morning, then you must follow some regimes. One of the best ways is to set your alarm clock 10 minutes before the time you wake up. This will ensure that if you are a little slow in waking up from the bed, you will have ample time to get used to it and not having to rush into the morning. Turn on the lights if you want to. In the dark, one is tempted to close one’s eyes and drag the quilt over and snuggle back to sleep. Wash your face after you wake up. This is something most of us do. Speaking from my experiences, it has never worked for me. There have been days, when even after washing my face with cold water, I came back to my room, decided to read the book and while deciding fell half asleep. Of course, it must not be the case with everyone else. You can listen to some upbeat music while getting ready for the day. Music relieves you of stress. In this way you will not be stressed about waking up early the next day. Your body clock will automatically alarm your senses.

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