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One planet, many lives and each life has its unique story to tell. Every single person interacts with several different people in a lifetime. Many times the milieu of the story changes, many times new characters come in and many times several old characters come back in a dramatic way. Life is unpredictable and continuous. Even if we pick one person’s life, we get to see the stages of life through which he passes. It almost seems like a journey, where we are just moving, getting to know and interact with different kind of people. Even if we talk about normal journey, most of us like it. We love to travel and whenever we plan to travel, we keep this thing in mind that it must be comfortable and enjoyable. Every single life is a journey with different destinations as it proceeds. Destinations are uncertain but comfort and enjoyment part is something that can be taken care of, if we are really interested.


Life is a journey, which contains its beauty on its path but as it progresses sometimes it loses its beauty and becomes heavy. As the situations unfold and become unfavorable, the proportion of enjoyment reduces and heaviness overpowers it.

Whenever we feel that life is going this way, we try to bring life back to the right track. We try to replace this heaviness using various measures. We go to watch movies. We go to shop. We try several new things, just so that we may get relief from this heaviness, which sometimes really bothers us. We use all these instant techniques, which give us relief but these are not really solutions. We feel good for some time and forget our heaviness. Then again new day starts and we follow the same pattern. We get entangled in our daily routines and whenever this heaviness surrounds us, we again take recourse of these temporary measures.

Have we ever tried to know that why life loses its beauty on its path? Why the beautiful journey starts feeling as a burdened one? Why we feel so heavy sometimes?

Let’s compare life with a normal journey. May be, we get the answer. Whenever we travel, we try that it must be comfortable. We keep only necessary things with us, when we are on a journey. The more compact the luggage is, the more comfortable the journey gets. We intelligently choose the things to be kept with us during journey so that we may be comfortable and can enjoy the journey to its fullest. We are very clear about it and keep no doubt in our mind regarding this. We know that too much of burden will hamper our comfort and enjoyment.

But when it comes to the journey of life, we seem to be so ignorant. Most of the times, we even don’t know why do we feel so heavy? In fact we even don’t bother to find out the reasons of our unnecessary heaviness. We try to divert our mind by taking help of temporary solutions. It is good to watch movies, it is good to shop also but if it is being done for uplifting our moods and diverting it from the problem then it is really addictive in a way and not so good for us.

Well, as we grow up and come into interactions with various people in society, we exchange energies with each others. We get to know them, they get to know us.  We make bonding and relationships. With some people we share very good vibes and with some people we share not so good one. We love, we get attached, we envy and sometimes we even think what other people should be behaving like. How should they be doing like etc.

As we come into interaction, we create many thoughts and feelings of various types and sometimes really unnecessary too. We think that how the person should behave in a relationship, how they should talk, walk and many more countless things that we imagine and then try to fit them into our self created image of them.

Nothing is perfect, we can think about them that how they should be like but just pause a minute and let’s ask to ourselves that is there any single day when everything took place perfectly according to us in our whole life? And we will get the answer that not even a single day was exactly the way we wanted it to be. Because this is what the life is all about. Its dynamics is such that half the power it keeps near itself and half the power it gives to us. The uncertainty is what the power of life and we try to keep on changing it, which we can never change and the half power of us is to face it’s uncertainty in the best possible positive way. But most of the time, we fail to do it. We try to write everyone’s script around us. We try to change them with so much of effort. We always think that they should be like this and that and when they don’t behave in a proper manner the way we thought or wanted them to , then we get disappointed and irritated too. These things happen in relationships mainly and these disappointments and irritation really creates a clutter inside.

We should check that even in a normal day how much do we think about others?

Many times we think critical about people around us. We gossip about them. There is always a comment ready for everyone’s anything and most of the time quality of that comment is not so good. We keep a lot of unnecessary things in our mind.  Too much thinking about people, which is irrelevant to our life causes burden only. Jealousy, fear, insecurity, critical approach to someone etc causes heaviness only. It drains us.

These are the reasons behind that unknown heaviness of mind. So this time before getting into interaction with people or even in general, whenever we feel like something disturbing us inside or making us feel heavy then stop, check and ask to ourselves that is this thought really necessary and useful for us right now? If it feels as unnecessary then throw it out. It is only causing us burden and reducing our happiness and joy of the journey.

As we choose things very intelligently when we leave for any journey so that we may enjoy to its fullest and remain comfortable throughout it, we also have to choose what we should keep in our mind so that this beautiful journey of life remains beautiful and may not lose its beauty on the path.

Let’s throw out all the unnecessary garbage inside the mind and stay light so that we may enjoy life.


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