A Stitch In Time Saves Nine


A stitch in time saves nine is a proverb meaning it is better to spend a little time to deal with problems or act right now than wait;A timely effort will surely prevent a difficult situation later.The proverbial expression was meant for the lazy. Our  forefathers  have  said  it  right  time  is  the  most  precious  jewel  we  have,  a  person  who  values  it  leaves  its footprints  behind, and  wise  men  well  understand  when  to  mend  their  ways  when  to  put  a  stitch  in  a  torn  cloth, this highly  useful, didactic  dictate  applies  to  every  field  of  activity.

Everyone  knows  the  very  virtue  of  time  but  no  now  realizes  where  to  amend  their  actions  before  it  is  too  late, for  instance  a  student  enjoying  for  the  entire  year  has  a  piled  lot  in  front  of  him  and  then  he  tries  to  study, learn , revise  which  is  practically  impossible  stitching  in  this  context  would  mean  studying  at  the  right  time, but  sadly  this  is being  practiced  in  every  field  resulting  finally  to  failure  and  cribbing  for  their  unfavoured  luck. Shakespeare quotes it right through Macbeth,

” Tomorrow ,  and  tomorrow,  and  tomorrow,

Creeps  in  this  petty  pace  from  day  to  day

To  the  last  syllable  of  recorded  time,

And  all  our  yesterdays  have  lighted  fools

The  way  to  dusty  death. Out, out, brief candle!

Life’s  but  a  walking  shadow,  a  poor  player

That  struts  and  frets  his  hour  upon  the  stage

And  then  is  heard  no  more: ”  ,

To  be  precise  time  is  the  very  eccentricity  which  has  a  key  for  your  ruined  or  glorious   future  for  your  happiness  or  worries  for  your  success  and  failure ; for  as  the  saying  goes  “A  STITCH  IN  TIME  SAVES  NINE”, whose  meaning  is very  clear  , if  a  person  does  a  right  thing  at  a  right  time  ; who  knows  when  to  correct  ones  actions  or  the  one  who is  continuously  in  check  of  their  deeds , such  a  person  will  never  have  to  regret  their  life  for  anything.  A  Person  who  utilizes  every  moment  and  stitches  for   his  loss ;in  form  of  time  ,money ,or  any  certainty  to  be  named  will  always  do  wonders  in  life.
a stitch in time saves nine

A  similar  saying  following  it  is ”the  early  bird  catches  its  prey” ,meaning  metaphorized  with  a  bird  but  is  contemporary to  humans  too  ,like  a  bird  who  wakes  up  early  and  leaves  its  nest  in  search  of  a  prey  will  surely  get  it  quiet  easily but  the  one  who  is  late  has  to  doubly  endeavor  to  look  for  its  prey ; Similarly  a  man  who  is  preparing sincerely  from  the  very  beginning  will  achieve  its  aim  with  rigorous  practice,  but  the  late wakers  are  always  the  ones who  rally  around  in  the  name  of  unemployment.

Peeping  into  the  lives  of  all  wise  men  ,we  come  to  know  how  they  focused  in  their  aim  took  heed  of  their  deeds and  today  they  are  jewels  of  their  country  ;there  are  many  like  Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam , Mr.Narendra Modi  ,Mr.Pranav  mukharjee ,Lata Mangeshkar ,Nelson Mandela ,Kiran Bedi  only  to  name  some, who  rose  from  the  very  dust  and struggled  with  an  aim  in  mind  , with  a  motive  to  achieve  success  ,its  not  that  their  roads  had  roses  spread  for  them  even they  had  to  struggle  prick  out  the  thorns  and  then  found  glory  , there  will  always be  time  of setback ,disappointment ,where  the  future  will  seem  to  be  very  dark  but  that  is  the time  when  you  have  to  muster  even  more  courage recollect  the  broke  pieces  and  stitch  them  up .

We  all  should  take  a  lesson  from  our  grandparents  who  were  born  in  some  far  of  places ,now  hardly  located  in  the map ,where  they  had  to  travel  miles  to  reach  their  schools  ;but  they  were  dedicated  to  learn  something  so  they traveled  ,studied  sitting  on  the  floor  without  light   and  they  became  the  light  itself,  today  all  we  enjoy  is  due  to  their dedication  ,we  are  living  among  all   luxuries  because  of   their  effort  ,they  stitched  their  childhood  to  make  our lives  worth.

Significantly  , the  meaning   of  this  phrase  is  understood  by  different  people  in  different  ways ,but  to  quote   its  gist  at one  go  is  that , a  person  who  does  the  right  work  at  the  right  time  is  the  one  who  succeeds  and  saves  its  time  later , The  popular  story  of  the  grandmother  who  shielded  her  grandson  illustrates  this  maxim . A  boy  stole  a  pencil  from a  classmate  and  showed  it  to  his  grandmother . Instead  of  questioning  him  about  it  she  kept  quiet . The  boy’s  thefts  went  unchecked  until  one  day  he  was  arrested . Of  only  the  boy  had  been  corrected  in  time,  he  would  not have  become   a  thief.  Timely  action  would  have  prevented  him  from  falling  into  wrong  ways.

We  should  never  forget  ,that  collective  seconds  make  an  hour,  a  day ,a  week  and  then  a  whole  year  ,seconds pass  by  unnoticed  people  think  that  there’s  ample  of  time  for  a  particular  work  but  a  being  should  always remember   that   time  and  tide  waits  for  none  as  this is  the  virile  of  nature  time  moves  on  ,and  as  the  saying  goes ,the  very best time to plant a tree was 20 year back and the second  best is today, amending your mistakes and correcting your wrong turned steps at the right time is far better than sitting and thinking of deeds done and undone .Neglecting to replace a nail in a horse`s shoe lose a kingdom itself.
As it is said:
For want of a nail, the shoe was lost; For want of a shoe, the horse was lost;
For want a horse, the rider was lost; For want of a rider, the battle was lost;
For want of a battle, the kingdom was lost. Thus the saying advises us to take timely action for ” a small hole, if neglected, will sink a big ship”.

Taking  a  lesson  from  the  falling  graph  of  the  economy  of  our  country , more  and  more  debt  rising  on  it  with  every  passing  day , the  rising  dollar  and  the falling  rupee , the  trajectory  to  the  monotonous  path  of  just  the  promise  makers of  our  country , leading  us  now  to  flickering  rupee  at  63  at  par  a  dollar; the  rise of  imports  and  fall  in  our  nations`  manufacturing  lead   to  the  hike  in  petrol price  and  all  other  basic  amnesties,  there  are  billions  of  eyes  focusing  on  our new  RBI  governor  Raghuram  Rajan, hopefully  he  stitches  well  all  the  falling  graphs   and  comes  up  with  a  revolutionary  India, because  the  dream  of  nation 2020  should  be  lived  in  every  citizens  eyes  not  just  of  the  missile  man, we  have  to  stitch  the  unity  of  our  nation  today ,  so  that  once  again  we  revive  our glory  sew  all  the  nation  breakers  and  speak  out  that  ”At the stroke of the midnight hour,  when  the  world  sleeps, India  will  awake  to  life  and  freedom”.

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