Stop Comparing and Do Your Own Thing

When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you. ~Lao Tzu

We all have the habit of comparing our works with others. No matter how good we are at our work, still we automatically get inquisitive about what others are doing and then compare the two. If our work is better, we feel proud about it and develop a sort of a superiority complex. But if we think that the other person is better than us, our morale goes down a steep hill. And the strange part is that whenever we compare ourselves with others, no matter if we are way better, we still feel to be on the lower side. It is something that is natural, some that is just unavoidable, something that is inevitable. Then what is the solution? Can’t we get rid of this superiority/ inferiority tension. Why not? The best way to escape this is: Just Stop Comparing!

comparison kills joy

Comparison is a diverse and a highly problematic aspect of human behaviour. People compare their professions, their economic status and their societal position. People even compare their clothes, their make up and their shoes. On a further micro level, people compare their marks, their way of writing answers and their popularity in class. Whatever form of comparison it may be, it always comes with grief. It is always the lesser privileged who tend to compare themselves with their counterparts. Every time they discover that they are on the lower level, every time it makes them sad, every time they decide not to compare from now on and every time they repeat themselves. It becomes a vicious cycle. It traps you in it for life and you can never get rid of it once it becomes a habit. So why just not stop comparing? Why just not focus on our own thing?

Don't underestimate yourself

This remedy is further marked with complexities. You can’t just stop comparing in one go or all together. There has to be some basic level of comparison in the society, which is further important for the competition to survive, in turn necessary for the economy to escape from stagnation and complete breakdown. On an economic front, yes it is important to compare businesses. Then only can new technologies are invented and the world is able to progress. Producers need to keep track of what their competitors are up to and thus have to strive to become better in order to make profit. Even consumers need to compare two different products in order to make the right choice. But is similar logic applicable on a social level? No.

You are your competition

On a social level, you don’t really need to compare yourself to others and feel bad about the fact that your friend has all the privileges and your are the have-not. There is really no need to spend hours thinking about how can you arrange money in order to but the same five grand dress that your friend has so that you are not looked down upon in the party. There is no need to compare your  marks when you have equally worked hard. There is no need to be jealous about the fact that your relative has more economic resources than you and you can never reach that level. No matter how some people say that comparison is healthy, according to me, it always brings sadness, disappointment and dejection. It makes you feel that you are no good, that others are way better and way ahead than you, that you can achieve what others have. It ruins relationships, brings in jealousy, triggers enmity.

Be the best version of you

‘The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday’. Yes, this is actual solution. If you really are a ‘compare addict’ and just can’t stop comparing yourself with others, continue with it. Keep comparing yourself, not with others, but with yourself. Everyday is a new beginning. Everyday we make some mistakes and regret about them. Just try not to repeat them the next day. Everyday we also achieve some credits. Just try to break your own record the next day. Today you said something wrong and hurt your friend. Try to say sorry the next day. Today you got 8 on 10 in your history test. Try getting 10 on 10 tomorrow. This is how it works. Comparison is healthy only if you take it in the healthy manner. Keep comparing, but yourself(today) with what your were yesterday. Break your own records, set new targets, break them and move ahead. Life is all about improvement. Everyday teaches us a new lesson. Implement that lesson in your life and become a better human being the next day. Don’t ever bother about what others have and what you don’t have. Just bother about what you were in the past and are you a better person today or not. Be your own competition. Be your won inspiration. Learn from your previous day’s failures and be a stronger and more mature person today. Adolf Hitler said, “Don’t compare yourself to others. If you do so, you are insulting yourself.” So keep comparing yourself! Not with others, but with your own self.

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