Stop devouring and start eating

Unlike coal and other likely conventional sources of energy, which can never be replenished once they get completely utilized, our body needs a renewable source of energy and that is food. It is the fuel of human energy. It is impossible to imagine a life without this source. But it is possible to live without all the junk we are stuffing. Pass through any junk food alley; you will see more people queuing up the stalls than they will be at a grocery. Kids with their parents are adamant to have a burger at KFC or a big serving of pizza at the dominos. I am obviously not starting a bandwagon against these food joints. The stalls next door are more to be blamed. Taking for instance, whenever I come back to my place during the vacations, half of the time spent here I have my dinner outside checking out the food stalls that have been newly opened and have not been tried before. I hardly eat whatever is cooked at home in dinner. Is not this the case with everybody out there? Most of us would love to grab a bite at a food joint rather take the pains to bring a luncheon box to college or work place. Are we just plain food obsessed, food that is not healthy?


Is not it the irony of today’s situation? Things which are deemed so pleasurable to the taste buds can cause so much harm to your body. We could relate many reasons for the onset of the devouring food habits some of which are working families, lack of exercise, busy schedules and inexpensive junk food. We have really forgotten how to eat slowly and only the right things. Mindful eating is obsolete now. At times, I feel is it really hunger which is striking me or that I am just bored? Does your mind often get illuminated by the light of the fridge at night? Do you feel the urge to go and sit yourself down with a bucket of ice cream? But we had our dinners merely 3 hours ago? Are we turning into a self-obsessed eater? Well, it is definitely not hunger that is irking you rather the emotions like sadness, anxiety, boredom or anger. After every fight with my parents or siblings, I gorge onto ice cream. This is a perfect citing of eating by emotion. Before you reach out for a handful of cookies from the jar, ask if you are really feeding your stomach or just your emotions.


Find a favourite fruit for yourself which you relish daily and eat slowly. Take apple for instance. It is a natural and colourful fruit which can satiate your hunger until lunch. However do not take your fruits for granted. Our body is a machine and it needs its lubricant to wash down the food. Go for the roughage and the fibres. You will have a better working system all together. People with a sweet tooth will be benefitted by this habit of having fruits. Wengers provide an exquisite range of sweets ranging from tarts to donuts and I simply cannot resist them. Having a sweet tooth myself, I always find time to check out the store. But it does not do any good to your body; it will only add two extra inches to your waistline. Nobody wants that. It can also play havoc with your sugar levels and play a major cause in diabetes.


Do you watch TV while having your dinner? Well, watch out because you might be eating way more than what your body needs. Researches have shown that if you are eating while focussing your attention to other things, you tend to overeat. Does that mean if you have a deadline to meet and a train to catch, you cannot stop at the nearby stall and grab yourself a burger? The only solution to such problems is to wake up early and prepare a wholly healthy breakfast and have enough time to relish it slowly. You don’t want to rush in your breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day. If you want to lose weight, then skipping your breakfast is a very bad option. This habit is most prevalent among the urban population.


Are you in a rush? Why are you devouring your food as if you have not had food since the last decade? Slow it down while you eat. Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly. Also sit down while having your meals. This will help in your digestion process and your body will accumulate less fat. Take time to savour your meals and not devour them! Eat your food as food and not your daily drug. Fat people are often surveyed if they love eating food. A unanimous answer shows that whenever they are stressed or tensed, they love to gorge in. food is your energy source and not your recreational element. It is an extremely bad habit and is the major cause of obesity among the masses. If you have stress, try yoga or simple exercises. Hopefully, we all will say goodbye to the unhealthy eating habits in the coming month. Till then, I really a burger break.

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