The story of the ten years hence

“It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re seventeen and planning for someday. And then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And that someday is yesterday. And this is your life.”- Nathan scott


Well, that was a quote from one of my favourite English sitcoms One Tree Hill. I didn’t relate to it much until today. And if you ask me what’s so special about today? Nothing at all. It’s an ordinary day and I’m sitting at the balcony gazing at the sky, sipping a cup of coffee, and I’m doing this quite literally, I’m not trying to sound poetic at all. I was just talking to one of my college seniors. She got into a good college for her MBA, and we were talking about how little time is left in college for her. Her last day in college is just about a week away ; Post that she’ll just come to college to give her exams. So she was just telling me how she’s going to miss college, and me of course, and how her three years in the college just flew by. That’s what got me thinking. I don’t ponder over what I was like before but I do plan my future out. Most of us have that ten years hence plan, how we picture ourselves ten years down the line. The people we see with us, what we see ourselves doing, how settled or unsettled we think we’d be. We’ve all got that planned out. In fact I plan my entire day out, I’m that calculative.

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I wake up in the morning and plan the sequence of things I’m going to spend my day doing. Sometimes I actually follow the sequence; I try my best to follow it as much as I can really. Today just made me realise, how much time we spend on planning the future instead of shaping it. I do that quite a bit really. I get dreams of where I’d be when I’m 30, who I’d be with, what I’d be wearing too; I get very detailed and precise dreams, but that’s not the point. I’ve never even been able to chalk out the perfect plan for my day and I still wouldn’t abjure from planning my life ten years ahead. It’s almost like a natural instinct I think. We just want to control where we are and where we’re going. Only problem being our wants don’t always translate into actions. Sometimes we just end up thinking over them so much that there’s no time left for the execution of our plan. And as much as we love to picture our life so perfectly, some things shall always remain out of our hands. I don’t say it’s wrong to plan. If you plan the immediate future, you’re way more disciplined and at least you have a certain benchmark set that you have to work towards. Else you’re just completely clueless and random.But how far do you take this planning? My senior mentioned this, and I think I’m going to feel the exact same way. She hated the college when she entered it, she felt so bound by the rules and the whole vibe of the college was so unpleasant, she just couldn’t wait to get out of college. And now that she is going to be out of the college for real, she’s so nostalgic and clingy; like she just doesn’t want to let go.


And that’s what happens; so much changes with time that you don’t even want the same things anymore. How we see our lives right now and what we wish for, we are not going to wish for the same things ten years hence, or maybe not even one year hence. Things change, people change, circumstances change. So what’s the point of thinking about all of this? As kids all we ever wanted was to watch our favourite cartoon on television, then we grew up and we wanted new clothes new shoes more attention, then there’ll be a time when we’d just really want to be independent and financially stable on our own, having the time of our lives, dancing away at parties. And then finally one day we’d want to settle down and build a home with the person we love. We’re going to keep wanting different things, there’s no end to that. But if we begin to be less specific about our future plans, then we’ll be following a more realistic approach. Having a goal is great, but your life isn’t a goal. It’s a series of events, some which we can influence, and others that we cannot. So why not take it one day at a time? There’s way more clarity in knowing where you want to be, but what if you’re not wanting to be there sometime later? The only ten years hence plan that you ever need to have, is to be gloriously and enviable happy. Doing what you love, being who you are, and with people you love most. That sounds like a good plan. You cannot ever be absolutely certain of what you want in future, so skip the planning, and live the day. You let the little moments go by, while really these little moments are going to be the big moments one day. I know tomorrow looks tempting, but if you learn to seize the good moments, today is equally beautiful, you’ll see for yourself.


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