In this fast paced world and with truckloads of hectic daily activities we are hardly left with the option of relaxing and unwinding ourselves. Stress in a way seems to be the root cause of all our problems and this is reflected in the very fact that under stress we do not think straight though however it cannot be ignored that some people love to work under stress and can think better. But the truth be told under stress we lose our peace of mind.

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So what is it that gives us stress and why? In the past, people had fewer aspirations, worried less and perhaps this is why they lived in tranquility. But since the onset of modernity, people’s demands have increased and with it the amount of stress too. Of course, the amount of responsibility too has increased in modern times and as they say the greater the status and power, the bigger is the responsibility. But somewhere amidst the race to access more power we have sacrificed our innermost peace which thus is the resultant factor of our growing stress and thereby endless battles to regain our calm composure. A perfect example of this is the growing number of meditation workshops, hiring of life coaches to motivate oneself and so on. It’s not that I am against such workshops and hiring of life coaches but the number infact saddens me for greater number of people in such workshops means greater number of stress-stricken people which makes me realize the hefty price that people have to pay just to live a comfortable life in the modern times. As Nietzsche once famously said, “God is dead”. Indeed! God is dead for nowadays people find ways and means to find God instead of searching God within oneself. However, humans single-handedly are not at fault in this for this fast-paced modern world has compelled people to think less about God and oneself and more about work which has as a result caused people more and more stress. If this is not true, then ask yourself are you happy? When was the last time you had had not experience the feeling of stress and anxiety? There you are and the answer probably is ages ago. I am not saying or asking people to forsake their work and go on the path of soul-searching to achieve that peace and salvation. I know very well that to live comfortably in the present times you have to push your boundaries and yes at times do overtime to sustain yourself and your family. My point however is amidst these entire hullabaloo we should take out a ‘my’ time and unwind ourselves just to spit out the stress from our system. This is called stress busting; a way to get us back on track and reassure ourselves of our sanity sans the stress so that we come back feeling rejuvenated.


Stress busting has become a necessity nowadays to be more precise. There are various options which act as great stress busters. For starters, travelling/outing is a good stress buster. A change of place and environment can do wonders. Nowadays with busy schedules people hardly get time to plan long vacation. But a little squeezing out of time from the busy schedule to plan for ourselves a ‘me’ time or family time can take our mind off from work and stress thus giving us the much needed serenity and we can bounce back with full energy. If you don’t have time for travelling then you can of course take refuge in music. Music, they say has no language. Music is the one thing that no matter what the lyrics are, even its background score or simply a music number can soothe us like no other thing. Music not only calms down our nerves but also as per research after listening to music a person can concentrate more and do his work more ably. Taking up a hobby is another great stress buster for we not only pick out a hobby which interests us but is also different from our mainstream work thus giving us the option of variety. And variety, as we know is the spice of life which adds more color to our life. Another great favorite is shopping. Though this may seem frivolous to some but fact cannot be ignored that shopping is a great stress buster. Splurging out money for those sinful indulgences can take our mind off of stressful things thereby giving us the much needed peace. There are however no custom made list to help in the act of stress busting per say for stress busting is something that can develop out of our own favorite interests. The things we love to do to be more precise are the ones which act as great stress busters and this is the reason why eating acts as stress busters for some.

The need of the hour is to unwind oneself. Continuous stress is not only bad for our health but for our surrounding relations too. Under stress we not only grow detach from others but from ourselves too. Perhaps this is the reason why the number of suicide attacks has increased over the years. Stress busting then seems to be an effective medicine as a way to get rid of stress.

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