Success: Hard work or Luck?

Whenever we fail to achieve our goal, we often say, “it was not destined for me” or “I have a hard luck.” And whenever others get successful, we have the habit of commenting that ” he is very lucky that why he was able to make it.” No matter how much effort a person puts in to reach the summit, his success is always measured in terms of his luck. If he is successful, he is extremely lucky. But if by chance he fails, we say that he had worked hard but he had a sad luck. Never ever a person’s success in quantified in terms of the hard work he has put in. We are always in a dilemma that whether it is the hard work or a person’s luck that helps him experience the joy of success.

Hard work or Luck

For a layman, it is usually the luck. They do believe that hard work is important, but the final verdict is in the hand of the ‘god of luck’. Whenever a person is able to achieve success, we say that yes he worked hard but often the jealous are like’ “dude, he is lucky that is why he got into the job. Else I could also have made it.” And whenever a person fails, he tries to hide this failure by saying that his luck didn’t work. Many of us also assume that it is because of luck only that a person moves forward in life. Without a strong  luck he can’t do anything. So why not all of us stop doing whatever we are doing in life and wait for our luck to operate and for things to happen on their own? In order to understand whether luck is important or hard work, we need to first clarify that what actually constitutes luck? What is luck? Is is something related to destiny? Is is something supernatural? Is is something that everyone has or is made for some special people? Luck is nothing but a person’s fate or fortune. It is, according to many religious texts an uncontrollable force that shapes events favorably or unfavorably for a person. It may or may not have a strong influence on a person’s life, depending upon his belief in it. Being lucky or unlucky is something that is natural. You have no control over it. Also it never gives 100% insurance of success.

Hard work > Luck

On the other hand, hard work is something tangible. Something that is all up to you. You may work hard, you may not, it is all up to you. No one can force you to work hard. No one can even force you to not work hard. It is no miracle. Everyone can do it, regardless of his caste, class, religion or sex. Hard work is the not the capability but the desire to work to your fullest potential. It demands your 100% dedication and interest. It demands focus, a strong will power and high self confidence. It helps you reach the pinnacle of success. It is that comes to you only when you work for it. It can’t be bought but has to be earned. It demands extremely exhausting work hours but also guarantees success.

No Success Without Hard work

So, what is the mantra for success. Should we go with hard work or should we depend on luck. Should we bother to work madly to achieve success or should we just chill and wait for luck to do its bit. Obviously many of us would go with the latter. But had it been only luck that would have helped us achieve the heights, this world would have been a totally different place. There would have been no mad scientists and mathematicians, working day and night to create a derivation. There would have been no historians working meticulously to reconstruct the past. We all would have been having fun at home, no need to study and giving horrifying exams. Our parents would have left their jobs. The world would just have come to a standstill. No work and only play everywhere. But is this what is actually happening? Of course not.

Hard Work overcomes Hard Luck

Hard work is the backbone of success. Without hard work,no one has ever and no one would ever achieve anything. Hard work is the only option. There is no short cut to success. We need to accept it and work happily. Only then we would be able to reach to our goals. Yes, we cannot ignore luck completely as there is definitely a cosmic force, that sometimes works in my favour and other times not. For someone it may work more, for others it may not be that strong. But as Albert Einstein had rightly said, ” a genius is 1% luck and 99% hard work, luck is important but it is not the only important thing. If you don’t put in any effort at all and say that my luck will work in the exams, god can’t even make you pass the exam. But if you give your best, even if your luck is not that strong, you would definitely achieve success. Luck does matter, but not always. Yes, sometimes it does happen that you have worked hard still you don’t go through, but this is not the usual routine. Hard work always pays. If you have worked hard, luck would definitely work in your favour.

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