Superstitions aren’t Entirely Irrelevant

“Do not continue your journey if a cat cuts across the road”. This is a very common remark we often hear from the elders. We do not pay heed to it. We merely ignore it as an irrelevant superstition and continue with our work. But does this irrelevance apply to each and every saying? Can we turn deaf ears to all of them?

A baby cries uncontrollably. It was assumed to be ghosts threatening the child. But now we know that there is some root cause behind the irritation and hence, instead of taking the baby to a temple and getting rid of the so called evil spirit, we choose the hospital. This is undoubtedly an epitome of false superstition. But there are various instances currently, where they have now been justified to be authentic. Everyday, unknowingly we do so many things as a part of our routine, inculcated as a habit from our ancestors.


Early to bed and early to rise, keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise! An apple a day keeps the doctor away. All these are old sayings, but as people are becoming more and more self conscious about health and as science is progressing a lot in research towards this aspect , it has been proven that being punctual with the sleeping time and including fruits in the diet adds a lot of benefits to the overall health.

It is not good to cut nails at night. Indeed, lighting facilities very insufficient in those times. Hence, we were not encouraged to do so, to avoid accidental cutting of finger. During eclipse, we were forbidden from going outdoors. People said it was an effect of a war between the sun God and the moon God. That sounds pretty baseless. But science says that the radiations emitted by the sun during an eclipse are very harmful. While the reason our ancestors stated remains a mystery, owing to the religious probabilities, which we are yet to discover whether true or not, the fact remains that it is harmful for us. It is an ominous sign when a mirror breaks. Not that it will bring down evil to the life but handling mirror is unsafe. Isn’t prevention better than cure. So better to be careful than letting a mirror Break, until and unless inevitable. We are generally advised not to use others belongings like clothes, footwear, etc. they might say that curses will be passed on but do we not know that it is unhygienic. Communicable diseases spread on sharing such personal belongings. Sleeping with the feet facing the south is not good owing to the interaction between the earth’s magnetic field and the body’s. It may give rise to psychological problems. Vaastu also holds scientific significance. Will you start hating someone if you step on their nail accidentally? Definitely no! It is merely because nails exhibit a poisonous character. This will make people be more careful while trimming their nails. Leaving fallen hair about the house makes it easy for our enemies to take it and use it for performing black magic tactics against us. There is no evidence supporting the existence of black magic but again, it is the matter of staying healthy. Walking under a ladder will not prevent us from progressing in life but will definitely hurt, if a worker on top of the ladder drops his tool by mistake. Furthermore is the partiality made towards girls. The girl who eats the last cookie would have been a maid in her previous birth. Regardless of what she was and if there is even the likeliness of a rebirth, it merely displays the moral of having a sharing attitude , implicitly. We should not attempt to finish all that in the plate by ourself but share it with the peers. Not behaving so also is a means to express your humility.

Almost everyone of the younger generation are migrating to developed cities in order to lead a good life. They get easily influenced by the fellow mates and ignoring superstitions a unwanted myth, or such acts which eventually land them into trouble. For instance, girls being outdoors through the night partying in pubs. She possesses a great threat. Males hold no exception to this, and late night is equally unsafe for them. Robbery, forced castration, adds to the list of crimes. Here, we cannot afford to ignore the words of our elders.

As a matter if fact, it is due to the implicit fear of a supreme power which controls the crime rate to an extent. Had we been fearless, we would be ignorant to almost all the norms of being humane. We may not think twice before doing anything. Good or evil will become indistinguishable.

They might have not attended classroom lectures or hold a certified degree. But theirs was the time when hospitals were rare. While seldom did people fall ill, even at such times a remedy was readily available at home itself. This would not have been possible , had they been oblivious of nature. May be their reasoning does not resemble much sense. Yet, we cannot deny that they had a hidden truth and wellness. After all , they intended us, the great grand and grand children to lead a good life. So it is time we change our attitude towards their views. Let us not ignore them completely. Our daily like experiences and level of literacy , definitely can guide us into analyzing what is relevant. So moderation is the key combined with common sense. Let us live how it was expected to be for the sake of our well being and as a tribute to those who laid the foundation for our life.

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