Sway Like A River

Life, as we know it, is unstable. We come across a certain situation right now and in the very next moment; we are faced with an almost contradictory situation. The condition of a being is similar to that of a pendulum that keeps on oscillating to and fro the extremes. There need not be an extremity of circumstances in our lives but there is a considerable difference between any two random aspects of life. We have all sorts of technological advancements at our disposal. We have digital journals to maintain our daily to-do lists and what not. But, it all seems to be going in vain as we have no control over the incidents of life. We prepare ourselves for one thing only to know that what we have been preparing for hitherto is of no concern to our Life. The element of uncertainty is one that engorges every human being present on the surface of the earth but none can do anything about it. Well, as they say, change is the only constant. However, sometimes a certain sense of stability is something that one can do with.

sway like a river

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In the world that we are living in, a well-settled lifestyle is possible but a well-settled soul is what we all lack in. in our busy schedules, we tend to forget the basic concept of our lives. Most of us have become detached from the core unit of our Self. We have managed to chase deadlines but we have failed to grasp the intricacies of our personal lives and by personal, I mean our inner lives. We have travelled overseas and oceans and Moon and now even Mars. However, what about the inner journey? The journey within has been stalled due to the incoherence of our thoughts. This incoherence is not bad altogether or else there shall be just clones of human beings responding to the linear programming they undergo. However, there comes a moment when this incoherence takes a gigantic avatar and becomes strong enough to blow away the foundations of our lives. The chaotic tornado that this haphazardness of life is capable of is dreadful.

sway like a river

There is uncertainty I almost all the spheres and strata of human civilization today. There is one political party leading your nation today and there will be some other party doing so in the future. Or take some more immediate example. As a grad student, you would have been uncertain as to which university or company should you join in order to have a safe and secured future. There are elements of risk in our lives on a daily basis. We do not know where we all will be in the very next moment. Maybe, a zombie apocalypse will strike us all down or maybe, it will be Uncle Sam who does so. The point is that there is no certainty in our lives. We all are majorly guided by our instincts and our individual instincts are a part of a larger consciousness of the Universe. We all are different fragments of the cosmos. In each of us, lies a microcosmic version of the celestial existence. There is a thread that binds us all together, irrespective of colour, creed and any such socially constructed barrier. As a part of this existence only, we find that we all have some or the other aspect in our lives that has made it unstable in some or the other sphere.

sway like a river

We feel that we are living a cozy life, relishing on the luxuries that it has provided us with. This existence of ours is just like a bubble. Play with it for just quite some time and pop it goes. The comfort and cushioning that we get is only temporary. Change is the only aspect that is perennial. Instead of getting caught in the labyrinth of existential crisis, we all need to get sorted within ourselves on a regular basis. The human soul is like a machine. It needs constant and consistent oiling of introspection and retrospection to work smoothly, unperturbed.  The control of situations and life events is not in our hands. But what is in our hands is what we make of those situations and life e vents. The way we treat life will definitely reflect the way life treats us. Now, that is physics! Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Is it not so?

So what if life is unpredictable and we have the clouds of uncertainty hovering over us throughout our lives? Big deal! It is not for nothing that concepts such as Renaissance Man and Vitruvian Man came into existence. Human beings are capable of moulding situations to their benefits. Life is ever changing and so can we change ourselves, only for our own good. Like a snake sheds its skin in order to have a fresh coating, we too need to adapt ourselves with the changing environment around. It is the law of nature that human beings need to constantly adapt in order to evolve and survive. This does no harm. It just adds to our personality myriad expressions. The multi-facet aspect which this lifestyle brings can lead us long in a world that is inconsistent and throws in our face, jarring revelations about something or the other, time and again. So, why be a rigid stone which nobody wants when instead you can be a mellifluous river which is the site of one of the most beautiful moments of life. Sway on, my friend. Sway On.

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