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What’s the usual track of a love story? Boy meets girl, love at first sight, boy proposes, girl says yes and then happily ever after. Life’s not that easy now, is it? These days, you can fall in love with someone over the internet without meeting them, so cross the first point already. But even if we keep that intact, it’s never as simple as the boy proposes and the girl says yes! The amount of thought that goes into asking a girl out is more than what Albert Einstein ever put into any of his discoveries. Plus unless and until the guy is too short of ego and is head over heels in love with the girl, he isn’t even likely to ask the girl out unless and until he’s sure of a yes. Nobody likes to be friendzoned or outrightly rejected right? Since we girls aren’t usually very vocal about these girls, its really hard for the guy to figure out whether the girl really likes him or not. The catch here is, while we wouldn’t actually say that we like the guy, we women drop a lot of hints here and there, if you learn to pick these up, you’re sorted for a while. But what are these hints really? Okay let’s find out.


1.She’s constantly talking about the girl in your profile picture

She might as well be saying something nice but no, she doesn’t mean it. She doesn’t like the idea of you standing next to another girl or looking good with her how you’ve got your arms around her. All she wants to do is burn that woman down, yes we’re that fiercely jealous kinds. We don’t like sharing our people, and specifically not our guys. Especially when she makes that happy emoticon and tells you that you and the girl look good together, she’s rotting inside.


2. She keeps mentioning things she remembers about you

Sometimes very randomly we start mentioning things like, “oh I bought Davidoff cool water today, it’s your favourite fragrance right?” Or “I saw that Polo tee shirt from UCB that you wore the last time we met at the mall today. You looked so good in that.” This is the duh moment, believe me. Why in the world would she remember so much about you if she didn’t like you? We usually remember a lot of things but we remember incidents mostly, not colour of someone’s tee shirt. We don’t even remember what we wore a day back. So that’s a MASSIVE hint. Get it?

3. She gets mad at you when you don’t reply

I shouldn’t even have to mention this it’s that obvious actually. If she’s mad basically means that she wants to talk to you. She’s annoyed because you came online on WhatsApp and didn’t reply to her means she keeps checking your last seen. Else, how would she even know you ever came online? And believe me we don’t stalk people for fun, not guys at least. So if we’re stalking your last seen, clearly we care.


4. She’s talking about other guys to make you jealous

Okay so when we constantly keep talking about different guys, you guys might just assume that we have way too many guys after us and that we aren’t interested in you. Hence, this one is a little tricky. Sometimes we talk about other guys so that we can get you to talk. It’s almost like trying to get someone drunk to make them admit to something. This is one of those desperate measures we take to tell you that we really want you to tell us that you like us or at least get a little annoyed so that we know. We need that constant reassurance.

5. You’re the last person she talks to before going to sleep


Even if she falls asleep talking to you, that doesn’t mean she got bored of you. It just means she was talking to you when she was dead tired and couldn’t even keep her eyes open but she just stayed up because she wanted to keep talking to you. Isn’t that sweet? You may think that she’s talking to so many other people at the same time and she might say so herself but believe me, she’s investing a lot of time in you without even letting you know that she is. We’re not supposed to completely give ourselves away so we need to pretend that we’re not that affected sometimes.


6. The way she looks at you

You cannot beat this one. You need to learn to read a girl’s eyes and you’ll find everything out in a millisecond. When a girl likes you, she’ll look at you really different. She’ll have a smile on her face that spreads across her entire body like a disease, believe me. She’ll laugh at all your jokes, she’ll smile around you all the time. She’ll casually put her hand on your shoulder, lean on you for support sometimes. She won’t completely throw herself at you but she’ll make you feel like she likes your touch.


Girls are not that hard to read, and since we’re very good at picking hints we’re always dropping them around. It’s our safest bet because we don’t want to come across as too clingy or too hard to get. So learn to pick these hints guys, and you’ll never have to wonder about how a girl feels about you again.


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