Life is beautiful melody of sequential tunes of priorities synchronized with this busy world. If we take out some time and see how our life has been, we will notice that since we have started going to school, we have had less time thinking about what we want in life. We have rather concentrated more on routine and what the world and society want us to have in our life. Just leading our way towards fulfillment of a materialistic life should not be our priority.


We have some or the other responsibility always burdened on our shoulders that we are ought to fulfil. We have various responsibilities like responsibility towards family, then friends, then society and if some time is left, then towards our country too. But where is the time to fulfil our responsibility towards our own self. Have you ever thought what you really wanted to achieve in life. Most of us have grown up with the wish to become either doctors or engineers or teacher, but did you ever think of taking up your hobby as your career option. Mostly the answer will be “NO”. Very few have the courage to listen to their heart and follow their dreams.


Life is extremely short to think for those things which we don’t have but long enough to enjoy every bit of whatever we have achieved. Take a moment to feel the breeze of early morning, the drops of rain on your hand, the smell of roses and to notice the chirping of birds in silence. This way you will enjoy the true life and enjoy every creation of God. Nature gives us innumerable ways to smile, to get motivated, to get inspired, to admire and to know our own self. So take a moment and live for yourself too. You do this to not only know yourself but let your mind be free from priorities and responsibility of doing everything at the right time in a right way.


The busy schedules with which we live nowadays have left very less time for ourselves. We often grow with a different set of dreams and eventually grow up to realize that our dreams have no place in this overcrowded world where we have to run a race in the fulfilment of our daily expenses. Life is a long journey so the more you enjoy, you will feel it shorter. Enjoyment does not mean to shred all your responsibilities but having a place for your own dreams too in the midst of all other important things.

Life is now here

Taking some time out for your own self is not difficult but thinking about to bring all your favourite activities back in your life which you left far behind long time ago is pretty challenging. Once you remind yourself what you most want to do in your life, you will surely want it to practise. This thought will rejuvenate your life for sure since the happiness and pleasure that you get when you do the things which you most want to is unexplainable through mere words. You begin giving new directions to your life and add meaning to it.

If you ever thought of not being able to try out hill climbing, river rafting and many other exciting sports then take a break from routine and go for a short holiday with your friends to once again live up your wishes and enjoy life as it comes. This will boost your confidence to a new level and will help you experience a life from a different perspective. Give a chance to yourself to come out of your shell and have real world experiences since life is one time journey and we cannot afford to simply live a life of mere routine but a lively life breathed by joy, excitement, challenges and experiences. You can always be a good daughter or son, a great friend but above all, try to be the best companion to you owns self and your dreams.


The first step towards a positive life begins when we stop looking back to our mistakes and stop regretting about what we could have achieved in our past. We all go through a negative phase in our life where we fail to achieve our dreams and get driven to a different path that is quite different from our desires. But we should always look towards the bright side of life which means that if we have chosen a different path which does not match our desires indicates that maybe life has a better plan for us. So we should keep moving forward uncovering the opportunities that path has to offer.


Life is about moving ahead and leaving our past regrets far behind. Life is all about getting inspired and letting admired for what you are. Let your wings of your secrets desires fly high in the vicinity of life and let yourself be thrilled by the wildest challenges that life has to offer. Take a moment and live for yourself too for life never repeats again but gives you numerous chances throughout to decide what you want to do with it. Live life as you want, not as you are supposed to live since this life is yours so the final decision should also be yours.

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