Take Your Risks, Fall and Succeed

risk taking

OG MANDINO quoted.”I will persist until I succeed. I was not delivered into this world into defeat, nor does failure course my veins .I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion, and I  refuse to talk , walk and to sleep with the sheep .I will persist until I succeed.”

Risk is a wise endeavour which makes you leave something in order to gain something better. Risk taking is an initiation which leads you to act out of the way leaving the herd of sheep and be the lion, bold and courageous.

All new ideas born in the mind of geniuses were first unaccepted and those people were hindered from social gatherings being regarded as preternatural. No man following the legacy of old ideas can meet success unless it has the unflattering will to break all bonds and risk its life to new undertakings. No man can ever succeed without coming out of its comfort zone, as is well known life is not a bed of roses, we cannot get everything without giving our bit. Life is a a give and take game on an immensely huge arena. Our potential and the zeal to win comes to ground when our life is covered with the shades of clouds and though we have the sight to see all around but darkness forms  the stormy clouds, this is where our spirits are called upon, which either relents you to act , succumbing all bonds or you are left to die under it. Those who are courageous shake off those clouds and outshine the brightest light which they have in form of the opportunities. The risk takers are always the game changers and the silver lining of those dark clouds the return out for such people to be their golden crowns.

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Risk taking is not exactly boycotting the society or not following what is expected of you ,it`s actually being the REAL YOU, and it is a process which makes you meet your dreams and your burning desires ,it is not that all you lose while risking for your aim is lost forever, the people who leave you in your difficult times have no right to seek their fortune from your prosperity. Risk taking is an extremely difficult task ,its beginning is tough as its following because it’s a process you choose for yourself it’s just your step ahead to your goals, nobody forces you anything and nobody is there to check you ,you yourself have to be your strength and keep a regular check on your way up.

People who leave their dreams, goals, desires or their loved once for the sake of society or others happiness , are the biggest losers because at your death bed your biggest guilt will be those golden opportunities you miss or that you couldn`t gather enough courage to realize your dreams.


Risk taking asks you to do the very things you`ve been running from, be it climbing the peeks ,jumping in the falls, proposing your love, being sorry or anything you desire once you fight out your fear then you are completely free as the neighbour of fear is freedom, then after you`ll be able to love more ,work harder, be sincere, have a pure heart ,no guilt and no more double faces.

Believe it or not taking risk is trying to live your life more fully and expanding your horizons every how , you come out of your comfort zones fight your fears, spread more love, be a good being and be more in love with your life. The person who feels fear and sits back, fear devours them, it overpowers your mind , body and soul and drains all your resources.

Life is a beautiful journey an empty book which is waiting for us to live out and fill each page with most beautiful story ,it is our autobiography ,it is in our hands to make it or mar it, to fill our life with the fullest of adventure or sit back and curse our bad luck.

Risk taking s the most electrifying romances in our lives  and it’s in our hands to live it the way we want, the next time we see the rain just don’t pray for it to go away instead move out and dance your spirits out, remember a day in your life never happens again,  opportunities are never absent or gone it’s just that your disapproval proves somebody`s else’s approval; don’t be a hater be a lover , we are all one of a kind. Risk your life to spread love, Risk your life to give more, Risk your life to give more, Risk you life to spread millions of smiles, Risk your life to be a step forward to meet the REAL YOU .Don’t let your true self be coated with others expectations, be your own lives pilot, fly more sail more .So that you can stand apart from the crowd. Treat rejections humbly, take failures sternly meet with success calmly, Life is just a journey not a war; DON’T FOLLOW ANY LEGACY MAKE ONE OF YOUR OWN.

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