Why take Stress? You are the best of your own kind

As we move on in this era of the 21st century, there is a lot coming up in all fields such as social, political and technological. With the expansion of technology and coming up of new inventions, the world is going all together in a new direction. A direction where all we see is competition. The only one who survives is the one who competes well with the others.

The competition has increased so much in the last decade that only the best ones flourish and the rest are just left behind. In this era, what is important is to compete and work hard so as to keep in pace with the others of the same or the other field. There is competition throughout, where ever you look. Right from the stock markets to the small set up industries and right from the schools and colleges to big multi-national companies, no matter how much we expand our view, all we see is tough thorough competition. The base of this competition is moulded right from the very beginning of our careers, that is, schools and colleges. The 23 to 25 years, whatever we spend at our college are considered to be the most essential and important years of our lives. Failure is not even taken into scope. Everyone wants to excel. This has created a huge amount of stress amongst the students.

Stress is basically a disconnection from the earth, a forgetting of the breath. Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. It just panics your mind and makes you forget things and weakens your concentration level. A lot of pressure comes up from various fronts which students are generally not able to deal with and end up collapsing. Students generally have a lot of pressure from the parents’ side. Their parents tend to compare them with others and pressurize them to do better even if they are good enough. It is accepted that one should work hard and all to gain success, but overworking and stressing your mind doesn’t take you anywhere.
Parental pressure is one of the biggest reasons of stress burden. If the parents stop pressurizing the children to be the best they might just do really good. They might be able to perform better with no high expectation of their parents. They might do really well. Another field where they receive pressure is from their very own friends, peer pressure they call it. The friends at this age prove to be your biggest enemies.

No offence should be taken regarding the fact that the ones who are most jealous of your success at this age are your very own friends, they might not show it but a tinge of jealousy is reflected through their actions and their faces. At this point of time, you may come across two types of people, and it is not that just because your friends might be a hindrance that you stop making them.

The clever way out is to choose your company right. It is very important that the people who live around you should be the right ones who aim t achieve success in life and be something. And the other category will be in which of the ones who might want you to choose the wrong path like they did. If you carefully observe their behaviour taking into consideration your respective aims and goals, that you might end up choosing the right people every time who you would like to be surrounded by. A good company is a very wise choice and often avoids stress like situation and also release stress at many times.

The wrong company may persuade you to do all sorts of unproductive and inefficient works which might just lead you more towards the stress as you would be avoiding the main works and running for the alternative short term happiness.
Another pressure is the societal pressure. The kind of pressure from your relatives and the ones neighbouring them is a lot. Every one sets up a very high target and expect you to jump onto it, only then will you be considered as a ideal student, if you fail to do so, well then you have no option but to hear all type of criticism behind your back and face various taunts.

Also even if you fail by a small inch you are a looser. Not everybody can be a topper? And there is no harm in not being an extraordinary student. Companies would hire you if you work hard throughout and give it your best shot. Not every time, will your marks be a judgement ground for your intelligence or knowledge level. It is fine to be average if you put in your best. There is a lot of competition in the field of learning. People when they reach their high school they are divided amongst three streams. It is nit that only the science students are brilliant or the ones who get below the aggregate of 75 percent should be given humanities. It might be so possible that the one who got a lesser percentage has a sharper mind than that of a 95 percent one. One should not be pressurised so much that he ends up committing suicide or causing any harm to self. Every individual is intelligent in their own way and so should not be criticized.

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