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Escape can be haven too. When I talk about escape here, I’m not exactly referring to escapism or running away. Not cowardice, but bravery to find what makes you feel more like yourself. Here escape is where you find yourself when you’re lost. It’s a subtle reminder of how there’s never dearth of hope or happiness. There are times when you’re stuck in situations you don’t see a way out of. Days when you see no exit, only locked doors. When you’re inconsolable and you can only sense gloom wrap you up. So what do I do when that happens? Or what do you do when you’re going through something like that? That’s what I define as my escape. Simply putting it, its your best distraction. One thing that never fails to make you happy when nothing works in your favour.


Something that makes me forget about what happened or what’s happening, and takes me to a parallel world where there’s me and the little things that I like to silently enjoy, which need no company other than my own self. I think everyone has this escape route. And its almost essential to your existence to have one, because you cannot solely let your life depend on the presence or absence of the right people at the right time. You cannot rely on the circumstances for most things in life, so why not do your thing and take up the task of lifting your spirit yourself. Also, some people can be your escape too. If at all you don’t have access to anything that’s sufficiently distracting and keeps you occupied, there’s always that one person who’s just a call away and you speak to them for barely five minutes and you’re good to go, back to your happy cheery self. You can only hope they’re not busy though. Other than that person, what’s your escape? I for one, find peace in music. It can literally turn me from a cry baby into a energizer bunny. And it has always had that effect on me, for as long as I can remember. And that doesn’t just include listening to music but all the incidental activities too, Dancing, for example. It works like magic on me, nearly. It wipes me clear of all the negativity. And you can decide what kind of music you listen to, basically which suits your mood at the given point of time. And I’ve known plenty of people who’d nod their head till it drops when I say the kind of music you listen to almost reflects the kind of person you are. Whoever said “Music is what feelings sound like” deserves some serious recognition, because I’ve never heard a better definition of music in my life. But that’s just me.


We all have something we’re deeply passionate about or that distances us from most of our sorrows and insecurities. It could be absolutely anything. I’ve known people who ‘love’ travelling in the most true sense of love that I’ve ever known. Just the thought of exploring an outside territory, being outside their comfort zone, that sense of adventure is enough to lift their souls and give them a high. That’s like the most literal form of escape there is, but It still counts as one. Then there’s sports; which at least all guys would stand by me when I call it an escape. I’ve had a lot of guy friends all through my school life, some of which were literally crazy about soccer. One of them would actually watch old soccer matches over and over after he broke up just to distract himself, and it actually worked. He was inconsolable, and we had all given up on him. And then the EPL came along. That was our only saving grace. In fact, people who are well engaged in any kind of sports are a lot more relaxed than most other people, probably because they’re busier too.

Then for some, its reading. And even though I’m not an avid reader and I don’t read on regular basis, a well written novel is probably the most powerful and effective escape route there is. It’s really hard to keep a book down once you’ve started reading it, especially if belongs to the genre you like. It calls you from that book shelf of yours and you cannot help but give in. I’ve skipped meals myself and yelled at people who’ve disturbed me in the middle of my book reading session. Several others watch movies, or their favourite television series to keep their mind off things. I’ve been a big Grey’s Anatomy addict myself so I can vouch for this. Whatever may be your escape, wherever you may find it, it’s your safe place. Its that place you keep going back to and find yourself rightfully placed and at ease. In the midst of all the ordinary mess that you go through every day, you find composure and security. And most importantly, you find yourself. The richer, better, radiant self that only oozes delight in every word they say and everything they do. Happy is who you are, and whatever lets you be that is your escape. So find your escape and treasure it. It’ll always be your best kept secret and your favourite place to be.

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