Talk to Yourself, You Are Your Best Friend



Soliloquy is the term used to describe the talking aloud of a person to their own self. And this for some people is a disease and for some this is how they reach their way of maturity. We live in a really noisy world and you would notice that we struggle with the noise but what we struggle most is in the silence which is out there in our personal lives. We are living alone and more of living with others who are totally engrossed in their own living. Yes, we have that internet lurking out in our midst with its vast transgressed nature of turning us into a geek of sorts but still life is not about TV, future gizmos or listening to radios. At some point of time, you would surely want to have a live person in your life with whom you could talk and share your ideas with. It is only through this way that you could appreciate what you are doing through the voice of others but in this world it doesn’t happen sometimes and one is quiet shy to even respond to persons.

The main reason that a person feels lonely is because you are seriously neglecting and not giving attention to a very special person in your life. That person is out there with you always and has seen the ups and downs that you have felt. Now the question is who that person is and my dear, the answer is: YOU. The answer to the problem is to be Soliloquy. Talk loudly with yourself. Now you would think that this person or the author has seriously gone insane…but not at all. Talking with yourself not only would help you to get over from your so called loneliness but it will somewhat help you to get open. It would make you smarter and would be a way to clarify out your innate of thoughts. It tends to make you see what is important and make you somewhat be firm on your decisions which you might be somewhat contemplating in the modern context. The only way of understanding is that: – You become more open and better if and only if you tend to speak respectfully to yourself. Love yourself like no one else could.

There are many people out there who tend to talk to themselves. It is not a disease but a way to understand your own self. Sometimes you lead to be wrong but it is why we are humans…you got to relieve yourself of unwanted problems. You must forgive yourself if you did wrong and try to make it right. Sometimes things don’t go your way but no problem…just learn from it and move on. Forgive yourself and be easy on your thoughts. Next time remember not to make such mistake. Begin talking to yourself and acknowledge your efforts rather than your dismaying attempts.  If you deserve compliments for your work then shower it upon yourself. People have notions surrounding them wherein they do not tend to think much about serving out. If you know that you had made a goal and accomplished it, then do compliment yourself with aplomb on achieving it. Fix yourself through your own mindset.

Motivate yourself time to time to work hard. Tell yourself that you are worth it and that it is not about boring or difficult tasks, it is about finishing what you have in hand in time and in the best manner possible. Talk to yourself and tell yourself that you have the potential and that you are someone who can give their best in any way possible. It might be difficult and it might take time but with a proper mindset, you would be able to complete it whatever happens.

There might be times when you might be in a constant fight with your conscious and unconscious mind. Talking to yourself would help you to understand that you should speak up and not stay silent. Taking choices isn’t easy. It is very difficult and sometimes we don’t understand or muddle up in between our thoughts. Talking out loud helps us to understand the situation that we are in and find the solution in a much more effective way. With this you would be able to assist in your thoughts and make yourself know and understand other people’s thoughts and also make it a priority to take a more matured decision. With clear-thoughts you may be able to set up goals for yourself. It is only through proper goals that you could think of achieving them. Make a list of the things that you want to do and focus all your attention towards it. Talk to yourself about it and the ways through which you would finish it. Make yourself eager for it, give inspiration to yourself through quotes or captions, say it aloud and know that this would in a way screen the distractions and help you live out in a larger than life environment.

Whether you are alone or with someone, give time to yourself. Talk out loud and remember that Soliloquy is not insanity but a sign of prior good health. Enjoy life to the best. It’s yours!

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