Our life has varied phases and all of them are very beautiful each contains a tinge of sourness along with tons of happiness and smiles , lives phases between the ages 13 to 19 is termed as teenage , though there is no sense behind naming this age so but just that they all end in the word teen. But though saying this seems so easy but to be honest this phase is among the toughest phases of our life, where there are so many changes some emotional some physical and some just psychological.


It`s hard to say much about it because after once going through this most complicated phase we tend to forget what we felt at that time, those emotional swings , those tantrums and falling in love. Yeah, falling in love it`s hard to believe later what we really felt in this tender age but yes we all have went through teenage love in some form or the other, teenage is all about enjoying life to fly around with unseen wings, to enjoy the little world we create around ourselves and to think of things innumerable. Along with all these emotional and hormonal swings we also do experience high expectations from everyone around us, we are expected to behave mature when needed and like a kid when expected, it seems that no one just can feel what are feeling no one bothers about us, there seems to be so much of pressure on our heads that sometimes it leads to severe depressions.

But not considering the negatives, teenage is just like a blooming flower which desires to spread its beauty all around, move people with its delicate smell and needs well nourishment and space to grow to be a beautiful flower. While in teenage children think that we are the soul owners of our life and some tender once do experience the most beautiful feeling on this world love, but do we really think that tender mind is mature enough to even understand this feeling of love, do they have all that takes to give in this relationship are the teens wise enough to realize the boundaries of love . when not even mature people understand this simple but intricate feeling how is a teen expected to handle it.


For teenagers love is just a feeling, for them love is being only attracted to a person , they consider sharing of gifts , kisses and hugs to be enough to move on with this feeling of love between two opposites. Spending endless nights chatting , changing the relationship status online and bragging about of having a partner for teens all this is love about, but then why there are so many fights and misunderstandings in a teenage relationship, the reason is that what teens consider love is mere infatuation , infatuation is a feeling of being attracted to a person liking its looks , money or just craze. In teenage it`s an everyday experience of someone having a crush on the other , liking someone’s looks , attire , some feature or just because others like that person.

Teenage love is not true love because teens are not mature enough to give everything what love demands, it` s not just attraction but love is devotion, it`s a promise between two people to stay together forever whatever be the situation, they trust one another and ready to be the support system of their partners throughout life. Contrasting to infatuation love does not shift from person to person after admiring someone`s good looks or habits, it`s spontaneous, it isn`t materialistic , it`s just a heart connection to another heart. Love is pure it is true, but teens are too small to understand such heavy feelings they often misunderstand their infatuations for love and this is what causes major problems in relationships.


Teenagers believe that giving gifts is all that it takes to be in a relationship, they believe that they`ll get to talk to people other gender, and they will be able to flaunt around that they have a partner. but love is not about this it demands sacrifice, true love is unconditional it`s to love your partner even if they love someone else, it`s the desire to see them happy even if they love someone else, but these are too heave vices for a teen to follow.

Teenage is the tender age where you are expected to do everything to be excellent in studies to manage friends parties sports and everything else on this earth and it`s true that they are mislead sometimes trying to please people and to adjust themselves in the crowd.

Love is a very pious feeling which demands trust and understanding even sacrifice at times, it is a way too complicated feeling to be understood in teenage even adults sometimes stammer in defining love, teenagers mix love with infatuations and confess these pure words in every relation they engage in , love happens once in a lifetime and when it finally happens you feel your world around change and you try to make the person you love feel the most special in this world.


Teenage though is very complicated and the feeling of infatuations misunderstood as love complicate it even more, crushes happen every day and if a crush lasts for a month or so it is named as love, but it is not so it` s mere infatuation, So never say these three golden most special words to just anyone you meet save them for the once you truly love and you`ll get to know when it really happens, because it really makes guitars in air play for you .

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