Thank PEOPLE for Smoking

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I thought nobody liked it when they puffed a cigarette the first time? Then am I correct to assume that one continues only because of peer pressure? Or social insecurity?  Or what? I would genuinely want to clear my doubt. Why does anybody in their right head want to light the roll of tobacco given that the packet itself enlightens us on its effects on health? And even after the realization of its harmful effects every time one coughs or suffers from a sore throat, one simply just doesn’t budge.  It’s confusing. Normal human psychology is to avoid a dangerous situation in cases where you are pre-aware of it. Then why does this form the exception?

It boggles my mind. Do not tell me that it is a stress buster. Are you ready to cut your hand just because it helps free your mind of the problems you have? If it is so, then I would seriously recommend you to the psychiatrist. You might just have some issues. Do your research. No scientific report tells this is true. Owing to certain reactions that the nicotine causes in your body , there is a “perceived” notion that it soothes your mind. Actually it has been found that stress levels in adult smokers are higher than non-smokers and that adolescents are more susceptible to stress owing to this horrendous habit. Continuous examination of habitual smokers show well-balanced moods while smoking and aggravated moods when not, which shows the reduced ability to handle anxiety, thanks to the nicotine.

One of the main social problems man is facing today is the urge to fit into the “cool” crowd. The definition of “cool” is an innocent “not conforming to the rules”. When the trend began, it was to implicate that somebody had the guts to go against the norms and be correct. However, unfortunately, the meaning has been stretched to unreasonable levels nowadays and people generally end up relating unintelligible things with the entire concept. It is high time one realized that being cool is not cool any longer, and drawing on cigarettes does more harm than gain. For believing in the fad, lasts for four to five years at the maximum, after which it is we ourselves who have to rot in the harsh effects. Smoking becomes an attraction to teenagers because parents forbid them, an impulsion to experience the excitement of doing something forbidden.

I have heard about people smoking to keep their weight in control. Smokers, studies say, on average weight seven pounds lesser than their counterparts, but actually it diminishes one’s appetite by actually reducing one’s sense of taste and smell. If you want to smoke to keep thin, you are definitely a lost cause, and please take offence in that. Only a dumb person would want to cope with the side effects of something, considering he already knows the measure of the adversity of them being much higher than the meager temporary advantages.

“Growing up is losing some illusions, in order to acquire others.”
― Virginia Woolf

Illusionistic it is, as it makes people do the wrong, or might I say- childish, things. Many people relate to have started smoking to prove that they were grown up, but how ironical! Growing up cannot be marked by a day or a moment. Maturity comes by experience, by the ability to be able to judge and handle situations efficiently. The very fact that somebody believes that smoking can catapult their lives from that of impish things to that of responsibility is pretty childish itself! Comparing smoking to having grown up is analogous to comparing oneself to becoming a genius in a day after having read a book from the entire library. It is so disappointing to see that where 21st century sees the advent of science to bust all traditional superstitions, it gives rise to such modern dim-witted beliefs itself. However, the entire responsibility of people being introduced to smoking cannot be restricted to themselves. Of course, getting influenced by our environment is reasonable, because after all, man is a social animal. He cannot survive alone. The actions and habits of people is bound to induce upon us, and at tender ages reasoning out the essence and the righteousness of something is not plausible. Parents who continuously smoke in front of their children are responsible for “inspiring” them to do so. When all the responsible and very grown-ups in the house do the same and restrict their children from following it, they are bound to revolt, especially in their adolescent years when one is becoming gradually aware of one’s rights and freedom. Thus, not only does the responsibility of inculcating good habits within the children lies with the parents, but also the duty to abide by it themselves for the young ones to learn.

Till now we have pondered about why people smoke, let us now look into why we should quit smoking. Within 8 hours, not only does our body start reducing nicotine levels but also the oxygen level increases such that we feel more energetic and active. After a span of 72 hours, almost all the nicotine in our bodies is eliminated, and the air passages in our lungs get more relaxed. By two weeks we will have reduced the risk to a death by heart attack and by a year itself, our susceptibility to cancer will have reduced. It is high time all you avid smokers out there realized the opportunity to live a longer and a healthier life and took your steps to stop smoking. Please give it a thought.

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