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I was 16 at that time, extremely naive and completely childish, a little reserved and unconventional too but was among one of the meritorious students. My only interest was into studies. It was 11th standard. We had new subjects to explore and experiment with. Everything was going smooth and fine except that one subject which was causing me panic inside. I was trying harder but was being unsuccessful to deal with it. For the first time, in my whole life, I had obtained terrible marks in that one subject called ‘physics’. It really degraded my position in the class and my moral up to an extent. For the first time, my parents needed to tell me something regarding my studies. It was really not a time of my favor. It had even shaken my confidence a bit. Subconsciously, I was losing my faith in myself; though I was unaware about it. I really didn’t know that even some good thing could come out of this bad time. I was busy in preparing for my next test.

I still feel unable to gauge that was that my low self-esteem at that time or my incapability to comprehend the subject in its right way that even after so much of hard work I couldn’t make the test as expected. It really depressed me internally. I came back home, locked the door of my room and slept silently. The test was pathetic.

Since few days the tension regarding my studies was on full swing. My whole identity as well as self-esteem was dependent on my studies and this was the time when it had started to go out of my head. At that point of time, I really felt helpless and despaired.

Next day, answer sheets got distributed. I again got terrible marks. Everybody was shocked including my teacher who had seen me being topper of the class. Suddenly, my failure had become the talk of the town.

Everybody left the class room as recess bell rang. Only I was there in the class room sitting with my head down on the table and constantly thinking something unconsciously. Perhaps, I took this failure a little more seriously. I was trying hard to overcome it but somewhere I needed a support, which I was devoid of at that time.

All of a sudden, a voice reached to me and broke the continuous marathon of thoughts running in my head. I opened my eyes and looked up. It was ‘Sir’, who called my name. I immediately stood up out of respect. He told me to sit down and sat next to me on the last bench. He patted on my back and kept his hands over there for some time as if we were friends. He kept his hand on my head and said that don’t worry, accept that u failed this time but now it is the time to face it and overcome it. Past has passed, now it is the time to stand up and rebuilt. He assured me through his words of conviction that I would be able to overcome it. He said that I am full of potential and he wanted me to come back with flying colors. He talked to me for more than 20 minutes till the time recess was over and convinced me to bring my confidence back. He also assured me of every kind of support and help needed.


This care and support was entirely unexpected. Sir had gone but his care and brotherly behavior towards me had touched my heart. A time, when I was totally alone and was in need of a support, at that time he gave me his blessings. Respect for him had surely increased and I had started to look up to him as my ideal.

Now, I had my mentor to whom I could share everything and made mistakes without being apologetic. He guided me throughout. He made the subject a cakewalk for me. It wasn’t so easy but yes, there was sir with me; A master of physics. I also worked hard only to keep sir’s faith intact, which he had on me.

Fear and doubts had started to turn into confidence and it was my return on my path of glorious success.

Sometimes, when failure hits us, our confidence gets deviated but with someone’s faith on us and constant support; we become able to cross that phase easily.

This happened with me also. I had crossed that phase of self-doubt and emerged victorious.

Earlier I had only listened that several people come into our life to help and support us in our adversities but now I had experienced it. It wasn’t only the subject, which Sir made easy for me but it was also my scattered confidence and faith in me, which he helped to reignite.

If he could not have supported and encouraged me at that tender age of adolescence then probably my personality and my life both could have been different.

It has been more than 7 years that we are in touch. I have completed my graduation but I still behave as if I am his child. He is 10 years older than me but never makes me feel that. It has been seven years of our association and this unique relationship has grown beautifully. He is a teacher, who turned into my elder brother. He not only taught me the laws of physics but also taught me the values of life. He taught me to stand up when I fell down.

My life saw various ups and downs in these seven years of span. Some friends left me, some drifted away. Some got busy with their lives, some judged me. Some valued their ego more than our friendship but it was Sir, who never ever changed. He has been there for me constantly. He never judged me for anything, no matter how maverick I was at certain times.

I really feel proud and privileged that God has blessed me with such wonderful person. There have been several incidents throughout these seven years for which I am thankful to him, actually for every second that I spent with him and he made me feel as if I am his child; for all the times when he neglected my stupidity and accepted my imperfection and made that perfect.


His presence in my life elevates the spirit of it. Its his impressions on my mind that inspires me to help others. Everyone faces a low time in life at some point but our support and faith on them can really help them to come out of that and we must do this. I try to do this as much as i can because i know how it feels to fall down and then being alone. One of my juniors in school who also faced almost same situation when his capabilities had been questioned and when he was on the verge of losing his self confidence then at that time i specially went to meet him to his classroom , only to ensure and encourage him that he would sail through this scenario. we had never met before, though we knew each other by face but we never ever got any chance to mingle but that one incident which i found similar in both of our lives just made me feel sympathetic for him. I helped him in as many ways as i could. It was only because of ‘Sir’ that i could contribute something to that junior to cross that bad phase.

Most of the people behave very discouraging and hopeless when someone goes through such low times. We need to change our outlook, if we also do the same. We should encourage people, if they lack confidence. We should empower them, if they doubt on themselves , the way Sir did with me. His one effort made me to succeed and also inspired me to help others. His support and faith transformed me entirely. A childish 16 years old had now been a little more understanding and supportive.

It was the impact of his persona that sowed a seed of goodness and never give up attitude within me. Our one effort can make a substantial change in someone’s life. If we find anyone in need of support and encouragement then we should do it. It will inspire them to do it with others.

It was Sir’s sensitivity towards me that made me feel sympathy for my junior. He helped me during my bad times which was the source of inspiration to help my junior and bring him out of that phase of self-doubt.  I really value him. After my parents, if there is anyone who owns my life then it is surely him. I know I will never be able to be exact like him because he is exceptional in qualities but I will always try to obey him. I will always try to follow what he has taught me. I will never ever give up. I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for all his support, affection and unconditional faith in my abilities.

Thank you sir! I will make you proud.

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