The 26 to a Happy Life


Worries, stress, tension. Unsteady blood pressure levels and many other such illnesses. Man considers himself t be a robot. Even they take a break for recharging but man doesn’t. We all have studied the ABC in our kindergarten and use it in our complex vocabulary. But there is also the hidden secret to a happy life that can be expressed through these alphabets.

Always Be Careful – there is an acute difference between being careful and being afraid. Running away from the challenges, owing to the fear of failure is a coward’s act. We must think rationally and plan every action. Planning includes, considering the advantages, disadvantages and the consequences. According to that, the necessary precautions can be taken. It is similar to applying sunscreen instead of staying indoors all through the day. Here, the term over confidence must be kept in mind and avoided since there is a very fine line between being confident and over confident. To put it simply, going out at night when necessary with the required safety measures like informing peers, is acceptable. Whereas, going out at the intention to party might lead one to trouble. So, common sense is the key.

Don’t have Ego with Friends and family – all of us wish to enjoy the fundamental rights and complain that it is not being implied practically. We need to change ourself before trying to change the nation. Hypocritical approach will lead us to no where as what goes around comes around. When ego encroaches our personality, we tend to rule over others. We not listen to others and eventually land up into trouble. Ego towards servants is bad, too. They help us and by no means should they be considered to be of lower status. A sweeper keeps the environment clean for us to live healthily. Our life is in the hands of the cook. Even if we manage these on our own, we have to rely upon farmers. This extends to family and friends as well. Good relationship is essential. Solitary life is pointless.

Give up Hurting Individuals – hurting does not imply only to physical hurt. What we speak carries a lot of importance and anything wrong with that will hurt the listener internally. That is more painful than a bruise outside. You might stamp someone’s feet. It might hurt them. But apologizing would end up doing half the healing. Words once spoken cannot be take back. We should never judge a book by its cover but the general attitude of people is to assess one by their outfit. After that comes the manners. Speaking politely matters a lot. A mere ” thank you ” and ” sorry ” makes a great difference. Not using these terms may not have a big impact but rudeness drives everything away. This should be irrespective of age. A kid would not come to play with you again if you shout at him.

Just Keep Loving Mankind – love is not just the intimate affection or romance between a man and a woman. It is merely a sincere and devoted fondness towards something. It could involve non living things as well. But loving the entire mankind impartially is what is very important. Loving one’s country implies being patriotic. One cannot be so until and unless one loves everyone in the country. A soldier strives to protect his country, keeping his life at stake. He cannot face the war front, if he thinks about saving the country excluding some people based on cast or gender. His work has an impact on the country and it’s residents as a whole. Loving only those who can return a favor to you or will be of some use in the future is selfish. We don’t know what phase, the other person might be going through. So be gentle and kind to everyone. Greet one and all with a warm smile. Not only will it make our own life but others also smooth.

Never Omit Prayers – scientists have researching over the mystery of how the universe came into existence for decades. Every discovery leads to yet another big puzzle to be solved. It is hard to believe that all these emerged from the blues. There is definitely some super power beyond us, who dominates everything. We need not necessarily go to a holy place regularly. Merely thanking God for everyday that he gives us is enough. Never mind whether the day was good or not. We should be contented with that we get. Spending on a festive occasion without devotion is showing off. So keep the almighty in mind. It will also give some serenity in the tedious and wearying circumstances.

Quality Rest- this is very important. Most of the people tend to toil, to earn money. By the time they reach around forty years of age, all they want is to rest. They do not have enough time to enjoy what they had saved. Maybe they would end up spending the money on medications. This turns their spent years worthless. So live everyday instead of just passing it. Saving for the future is crucial but not everything. Who knows whether we might live long enough to enjoy that. Rest is also essential for good health. So take breaks. Go on holidays. Close that laptop for a while and read a book. Flip the channel from news and census to movies. Practice yoga. Take a walk in the cold breeze and see the sun rise. Above all, sleep well.

Speak Truth – there are only a few crucial circumstances where lying can be regarded genuine. But otherwise, Honesty is undoubtedly the best policy. Merely in order to cover up one, we might have to end up saying a series of lies. Being truthful can even save lives.

Use the Valiance and Wisdom – as stated before, the world currently demands for the brave. Living is very much the survival of the fittest. A student cannot study if he/she is scared of the competition around. Getting a job is not easy. You need to face the interviewer boldly. This Valiance should be projects with wisdom. Otherwise, there will be no difference between the rouge and the literate lot of us. It is not the courage from the well built physique but from the morality. A pen is mightier than a sword!

Xpress your zeal – sharing gives a lot of satisfaction. Can some one celebrate a birthday or victory inside one’s own room without expressing it to the other? When we seek help while in a low mood, we should not think twice to express our happy moments. Spread joy every where. It will fill our environment with positive energy and elevate our mood. It is a good thing to make others feel pleasant in our presence.

When we were small, we learned that A stands for apple and B stands for ball. On growing, it is time to learn what is relevant for that age. Most of us have these qualities within ourself but do not realize it. We waste time in searching for it everywhere else. Here we notice, that happiness is not a rare treasure but requires some devotion to attain it.

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