The inevitable change

As an individual I have always liked variety and choices; although I am equally bad at choosing one. But I honestly support the proverb “Variety is the spice of life”. There are little things in life that hold their own individual specific significance. But sometimes I personally feel that some things should change, because that is where the fun lies! I can’t imagine living my life in future the same as I am right now. I don’t think anyone should live that way. Where’s the excitement in living a monotonous life? When I grow old, I don’t want to look back to realize that the graph of my life is just a simple straight line. I want to see ups and downs and variations because that will prove that I have done things, that I have tried new things and made changes in my life and went through different phases in life by accepting those changes. Even the smallest change can make you feel different and change the course of your life. Change can be good or bad, but it is undoubtedly and definitely inevitable. A lot of times you cannot control the things that are going to change simply because they are beyond your control. Due to which some occurrences of change can be good or bad for you. But mostly they are always good in the long run. Sometimes people just fail to understand the reasons and sometimes it really is better to not have them understood. It is the way you perceive these changes; the way you look at them and more importantly how you accept them. I think the most important thing post the occurrence of a change is the acceptance of that change. There are a lot of people who fail to accept changes that happen to them. It is difficult because we are all accustomed to live our lives in a certain way. And over a long period of time we get habitual of living that way. So when a small change occurs, people get uncomfortable and begin to feel like something is wrong. Similarly, some events can be changed by you for your own or others’ good because some things are in our control. And these are the changes that usually everyone is comfortable living with.


So I have been talking a lot about ‘change’, but what exactly are these changes? I think they could be anything. A change can be anything from getting an unusual haircut to changing your entire wardrobe to get a new look, it can be making a change by helping the needy or deciding to change your negative perception about something. A change can be brought to yourself or it can be brought in your surroundings and to the people around you. You can bring a change by standing for the right; you can motivate someone else to do the right. You can change a bad behavior or habit by inducing a good one; you can just change the interiors of your home because you don’t like the current ones! Sometimes you just decide to go on a vacation because you need some change from the routine life. And then there are those changes that are beyond our control. Like losing a loved one forever, loss of a long-time relationship because the better half changed, loss of possessions, friends change and so do lovers. There are also those changes that occur with time. That is when you realize that life doesn’t always go according to how you plan, because even plans change, don’t they? I think what is important is that we all realize that nothing is permanent in life. With time, things and people change and soon we realize that everything is momentary. Even the reasons behind our joys and sorrows keep changing, people change and we can’t help but accept those changes. These changes make us realize that it is not necessary that things and people who once mattered to us will matter to us for the rest of our lives. And that is why one has to be more acceptable towards these changes, because your non-acceptance is not going to help or change anything. Things will change whether or not you like it. So why not be more appreciative of the things that happen and accept them with good spirit?

Life gets better with change

Nevertheless, we also need to realize that changes in life help us grow. Each day we live a little different than we did the previous day. We are all changing a little every day, changing the way we think and feel about things, changing the way we appear on the outside and the way we feel on the inside. Knowingly or unknowingly we are changing, and we also are indirectly affecting and changing the people around us. Some people are very staunch and stubborn; they do not want to accept the fact that life changes considerably over a period of time. They simply make things difficult for themselves and their lives even harder. Not everybody is capable of dealing and living with changes that are beyond our control. But eventually, everyone does. Accept the change, whether good or bad; because that’s the wisest thing to do.

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