There’s Always a First Time

the first time ever

the first time ever

We all remember the “first time” of everything we ever did or experienced. The first time we went to school , the first time we went to college , the first time we drove a car and of course the first time we ever fell in love and for many more first time yet to come. We all make certain memories around such events and these often bring a smile on our face. These events are a part of our making , a step towards doing something new.

But out of all the first times , the most remembered one or the most special one is ” the first time we ever fall in love”. Our first crush that we probably had in class 7th and 8th. Yes, be it a teacher or a senior or a classmate or for many a mega movie star. We all remember each and every detail about that one person who bought about that feeling of love in us for the first time. That stupid smile that we carry on our face , that initial phase of anxiety we all suffer while making the first eye contact with that person. The sudden feeling of hitch with that person. Falling in love for the first time changes a person to a great extent and we all do acknowledge these changes in ourselves. Be it anyone we all have experienced that feeling of going insane, completely insane about that person who suddenly start giving meaning to our living. Its as if we do everything for them and nobody on this face of earth actually matters. Those tiny moments of little contact from a small ‘hey’ to a big ‘ Can i borrow that from you’ is like a huge success.

And we all could go weeks about talking that incident , over thinking and making out new meanings out of them. We all remember those shivers when we see them even at a distance, the blank face when they talk to us and we run out of words.

The idea of being in love with someone or being completely crazy about that one person is definitely a very important part of one’s growing up. We all go through this at one point in our lives and we feel a sudden sense of maturity in us. We begin to grow more , understand more, to have that patience in us  and we gain the ability to wait for things to happen .We tend to accept things a lot or find ways to overcome them in anyway possible. We learn a lot. The fear of constant rejection from the person we think about or dream about brings to us the knowledge that we cannot be liked by all and its absolutely fine. Its because life moves on and so do we. Heartbreaks too are a part of love , the sad part of it. We all learn to deal with both sides of a situation. The person we initially thought we couldn’t  live without is actually the person who indirectly helped us grow and develop. He/she helped us identify ourselves.We all move on from that phase of rejection or a heartbreak and look at it in a different way years later probably thinking how could “I” do such a stupid thing. We all laugh at our innocence years later.

The first time of being in love includes all the emotions , no matter how silly we feel about it years later but we are happy , depressed, exited, dejected and nervous at the same time. The being of that person around us  changes our behavior and emotions and eventually we learn how to take control over them. This is how we all mature. Everything of being in love is the ” first time” be it the initial phase of happiness and excitement, the long waits and finally the usually short lived happy endings  or rejection which again involves overcoming your emotional setbacks .

The first time of everything that we experience always gives us the  feeling of thrill , the feeling of a step ahead in life; a lesson and a learning with each step. And when we grow up to be adults all we remember are our silly mistakes , of how we could have easily avoided them and have  been in a happy state. The first time ever often goes perfectly wrong with most of us. It is because more than excitement there is this feeling of fear in us of doing something wrong or of failing badly. And this feeling subsides with time. There is no age of doing something for the first time and you can feel the same thrill and anxiety, no matter you are a 13 year old teenager or a 80 year old woman/man.

All of our first experiences our within us. We don,t remember them as troubles but as happy innocent memories to be cherished. Its the same for all, we all go through the same feelings but we all deal with them in our own way and we all choose our different paths. We fall, we learn , we grow and we finally mature . We all have our “FIRST TIMES EVER”.

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