There’s more loving left in this lifetime

There are reasons we met, reasons for the good and the bad times, and more importantly, a reason to an end. We have more to learn, more to experience, and more loving left in this lifetime.


In the almost twenty years of my being, I’ve seen more people leave than I’ve seen stay. And sometimes, you find it almost impossible to believe that you could drift apart from someone so close but yet it happens all the time. People you least expect to stay end up wiping your tears when you’re crying over the people who you proudly called your forever. Every time I’ve begun to believe that I’ve come to terms with this, I end up losing another person and it just hurts all the time. It feels like an old wound begun to bleed again. There’s never a greater loss than that of someone you can’t forget. And it happens to all of us sometime or the other. I followed One Tree Hill for a while, it’s a show just in case you don’t know what it is. There was a character called Peyton in that show; she was my favourite after Lucas, obviously I’ll go with the cute guy. Her life was portrayed as a really tragic one, she had lost her mother at an early age and a lot of other things. So she’d always say this and hence I quote it ‘People always leave’.That’s fairly true to an extent. And it was pretty appropriate considering her life. But then in one of the episodes she says ‘People always leave. But sometimes they come back.’ And that’s been one of my favourite quotes from the show ever since, because it felt so complete and hopeful.

love left

Just like there’s plenty of fish in the sea, there’s too many people in the world too. And you can console yourself saying that every time you have a fall out with your best friend, or you break up with a girl you were in love with. As much as it’s true that there are well, some billion people in the world, there’s only one him/her. And you know that too. You cannot ever replicate what you had with another person. You can create the same circumstances but it’s just not the same person. They can look the same, talk the same way but they can never make you feel the same way. Every person you meet helps you uncover something about yourself. You become a different person around these few special people. Maybe more like yourself, or maybe better versions of yourself but they always bring something new to the plate. There’s a reason you love certain people more or get closer to certain people. And it’s more than compatibility, mutual interests etcetera. These are very basic ground level things that everyone knows. But everyone you share common things to talk about with doesn’t manage to get very close to you. Even if they understand you, and have had similar experiences, chances are you will still not fall in love with them or anything. Some people just begin to mean more than the rest, because of what you feel like around them.


They become the solutions to your problems, they know your favourite chocolate, your favourite Pasta dish, they know better what suits you than you do yourself. You just begin to recognize yourself better with these people than you ever did. And because they make you feel so wonderful, these people become too precious for you. Hence, when they go away, they leave a void that remains unfilled. Of course, you meet more people and they also take their respective places in your life, but not that corner they left empty, it always stays the same. Since I’m sounding so sad, I’ll introduce the silver lining already. You can never find replacements for people; that goes unsaid. But you feel the presence of that void less and less each passing day. It doesn’t go away, you just stop acknowledging it’s existence thanks to all the new people and the vibrant energy that they bring to your life. Its true that people will disappoint you, but people surprise you too. And very importantly, stop looking for your forever in people. You can’t find it, it just comes to you. Don’t be angry or upset that these people aren’t a part of your life anymore.


Celebrate the memories you’ve had and believe that they played their part in your life and it was time for them to leave, even if it doesn’t feel like it. There’ll always be another person to love, you’re never ever going to fall short of people to love, believe me. You must never lose hope, not when it comes to love. And sometimes, people do really come back. I wouldn’t suggest that you depend on it, but there are chances. Sometimes you have to leave in order to remember why you held on for so long in the first place. If they manage to make you as happy as they did before, take them back, It’s your happiness that counts, not your ego, not the past, not anything else. And even if they don’t return, you know it’s for the better. So wait for your time, because someone out there is going to make you love them again, hopelessly and helplessly, with or without your will, and this time for always.


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