The thin line between single and available

Are you surrounded by ultra mushy couples all the time? Are you constantly questioned as to why you aren’t dating someone? Hi5, there! I have mastered the art of dodging these questions though; nevertheless it doesn’t make them any less annoying. I don’t understand everyone’s obsession with dating these days. It’s not obligatory or mandatory to date or like someone. So why the curiosity and the air of speculation around those who are single and happy? Not that I wouldn’t ever want to get into a relationship, sure I would. I am a diehard romantic. From romantic movies to romantic songs to television shows based on any concept involving a lot of love stories, I’m a big fan of all of it. I’m that girl who’s always rooting for that one couple irrespective of who’s living or dying in the movie. All I really care about is the guy and the girl to meet and find their happily ever after. Considering I’m that level of crazy about love and romance, there has to be a good reason behind me not dating right?


And obviously I would love to experience that butterflies in the stomach feeling in the very literal sense but there’s always time for that. Since I want to experience the love and just not go over the concept of it, I have decided to wait for the right guy to come along and familiarise me to that feeling. And there are a lot of girls and even guys out there, who are probably a lot like me and who are waiting for just the right person to come along. We are willing to wait because we’re confident that they are going to be worth the wait, and all the time we could’ve spent having meaningless flings. I’m not alien to the concept of flings, casual relationships or even friends with benefits neither do I disapprove of them. As long as there’s a mutual understanding between the guy and the girl about their perception of the relationship, I think it’s perfectly alright to be involved in any form of relationship. Whatever makes you happy, go ahead and do it. Who cares what the world thinks of you or what everyone else expects from you. You’ve got one life and you can live it up as and how you wish to. If two people are only physically attracted to each other and don’t want to commit to each other because of lack of the feelings required to sustain a relationship, and they come up with a fling kind of an arrangement, or  a casual relationship, I mean it’s great. It suits both the people involved, they’re getting what they need from each other.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. But if you’re just rushing into a relationship with someone because you feel like you ‘need’ someone, you must know that the need is very temporary. It’s going to go away and no time and all the promises of being together for infinity and beyond that you make during that needy phase of yours are going to fall apart like a house of cards. There’s never a given time to fall in love, you can fall in love at any age, any time whatsoever. So what’s the hurry? And again, if you aren’t willing to wait, what’s with your incessant pestering people who are indeed willing to wait? There is a very thin line between being single and being available. People already in relationships could be pretty damn available too if they’re unhappy with their current partners and don’t have a conscience stopping them from cheating on their partners. But just because a person is single, doesn’t always mean that they are wearing their heart on their sleeves and you trying on them will do you any good. Contrary to popular belief, there are lot of pros of being single too. Maybe you’re just single because you don’t want to part with your own time, or you just want to enjoy with your friends right now, hang out every day, watch movies, go clubbing every night without any restrictions or without any pressure of someone waiting for you back home.


Maybe you’re just not prepared to commit or get into a serious relationship with someone. Or maybe you haven’t found the right person yet who makes you want to commit and feel all those beautiful things that you’ve waited to feel all your life. Maybe it isn’t your time yet. Who knows what the reason is? Whatever reason it is, it’s a personal choice. The single status of a person doesn’t allow you to invade into their personal little space and wreck it over. Your relationship status is determined more your state of mind than the state of affairs you’re in. So ignore everyone who’s bothering you with questions about dating. They know your life too little for you to pay heed to their suggestions; they’re too trivial for you to take any important decisions of your life on that basis. You’re your own best guide and best judge too. If you only wish to be selectively available, that’s your call too. Let your life be more about you than your relationship status because that’s how it’s supposed to be.


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